May 26th, 2009


Languages of New Caledonia


Apart from French, which language is most useful for someone travelling to New Caledonia learn? Drehu? Is it worth it for anyone travelling to New Caledonia to learn any of these languages?

Where can I find online resources for these languages (or any other language of New Caledonia apart from French)?

Thanks in advance! :D
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thai lyrics help?

Hello world!

The Texan band "Butthole Surfers" uses a song they found on some obscure cassette compilation as the base for one of the tracks on their 1987 Locust Abortion Technician album. ( I have recently a) found the original track, and, b) was told it was in Thai. However, I have failed to secure even a rudimentary translation -- can anyone here help?

The base track:

una pregunta para "vosotros"...

how do you construct an imperative using "vosotros" - not vos - while using clitic pronouns? so...

1) damelo (tu)
2) dadmelo? (vosotros)
3) enviajame
4) enviajadme?
5) ponla aca
6) ponedla aca?
7) dale un libro
8) dadle un libro

somehow these don't look correct to me. =S also, even if they are technically correct in the standard language - i'd like to know if they're commonly used among spaniards. =) if not, what construction expresses the same meaning?


I've taken 4 semesters of Arabic at a college level, and I could probably use a dictionary, but I'd prefer real people help, if anybody can suggest the correct word(s):

How would you say in Arabic "I'm over you"? As in, "I was in love with you but now I'm not"--that kind of "over you". Google Translator was giving me "?akthir," like, "I'm bigger than you", which is not really what I'm looking for (unless that's what it is, but that doesn't sound right...)

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Dutch pronunciation of R

It seems as if the Dutch have three kinds of R sounds: /r/ (similar to the Spanish R), /x/ (similar to the French R), and /ɹ/ (similar to the American R). From my observations, these three R sounds are only really distinguished in major cities and surrounding areas, but farther off into the Netherlands, the sound tends to be only /r/. Is this correct? And how do I know when to pronounce each R?
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Intensive Latin course?

My uni's offering a summer class for Latin that I'd sort of like to take, but that means: 7 weeks of Latin- 5 days a week, 5 hours a day, equal to the yearly's 6-hours-weekly class.

Did anyone here experience something like that and can share the difficulties/problems?

I'm doing Classical Greek this year, and I think I'm dealing okay with the grammar and syntax. It's the bloody morphology that kills me ded {we don't have to study vocab}. I'm also doing beginner's Japanese, and I'm a native Hebrew speaker, so no help from the vocabulary front, here.


mystery script

I'm working on a paper, and I need to cite a source with this author: çok geç. I have no idea what language/script it's in, how to pronounce it, or if it's just my computer sucking. Help?