May 25th, 2009

korean learning

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to move to South Korea this summer to teach abroad, and naturally plan to learn at least some aspects of the language prior to leaving. Does anyone have any ideas, tips, suggestions on how to structure this before I go? I'm basically self-teaching myself, and so I figure a good plan would be needed. I'm just not sure where to begin, so if anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks =) (X-posted)
not mine, mat

grammar help in spanish

i'm translating somethign small for a friend i want to make sure i got the jist of what she wanted, but its been about a decade since i took spanish. Could somone be a dear and give this a gramar once over (i've checked it myself i just want someone else to doubble chek if you would)
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mr. darcy

Swedish resources?

Hi guys! I'm a new member here, though I've been reading/lurking for a while. I was just wondering: does anyone know of some good online Swedish resources ? I'm specifically thinking of learning tools such as grammar lessons, vocab, and dictionaries, although I'm up for anything else you might have in mind (like multimedia, for instance). I can't take classes anywhere so this will have to be self-study for the most part, and I'm a bit lost as to where to begin.

Thanks so much for your help!

ETA: I should probably go ahead and say that buying $Rosetta Stone$ is out of the question, unfortunately :)

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Which translations of middle-age European classics to modern English do you prefer?
Which editions of Decameron and other classics are easy to read and and still they preserve the original style?
  • butsu

French verbs misc.

Just found out two things and they both surprised me quite a bit.

1) to lock is 'fermer a clef' ... wtf why no specific word? I can't believe that! I you, lovely people, know such verb, please share :)

2) to kiss is 'embrasser' ... even bigger wtf?! kiss and embrace the same?! :D