May 9th, 2009

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Phun With Mandarin

~Greetings, fellow Linguaphiles, I have returned once more to mine your collective idiomatic brilliance.

I have two interrogatives regarding Mandarin for a literary project.

The first one is relatively straight forward; how to say 'blood devils' and spell that in Pinyin.

To give some context, said beings are flesh eating monsters that are fast, relentless, and sweat blood, hence the name, a variation on the venerable Chinese term for non-Chinese; foreign devils. I am of course completely open to any and all interpretations of the name.

Edit @ 9:00am PST: Given the etymology of Gwailo, I have to go with something a long the lines of xuěyāo (血妖) "blood demon", as these beings are clearly 'demonic' in nature. Thanx to temperamental for that direction.

I'm still open to other interpretations.

The second is rather more complex. Crucial early action in said literary project takes place in the Central Chinese city of Xining and especially at Xining's #2 People's Hospital.

The thing is, I can find very little on that establishment using English search parameters. So I thought if I could search using Xining's #2 People's Hospital in Jiǎnhuàzì I might get better results. I expect I'll come back here to get assistance on translating that information, as well.

I don't need floor plans of the place, just its location within Xining, a brief history, and a few photos so I can write a reasonably credible description of the events that take place in and around #2 People's Hospital and so on.

Again, Xie-Xie in advance.
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"don't let's"

Dearest linguaphiles

I discovered just today that constructions like "don't let's go to the store" are actually standard in some parts. Since this is where I first learned of other grotesque aberrations testaments to the breadth and diversity of the English language such as "might can" and positive anymore I figured I'd ask you about it. So, a quick poll! Do you say "don't let's"? And what's your age and location?