April 30th, 2009

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Would the Tibetan for Tenzin (part of current Dalai Lama's name), be བསྟན་འཛིན་རྒྱ་མཚོ་ ?

Ps: Not entirely sure the Tibetan is going to work here...

Edit: OK it didn't like the stacks.
can't work out how to fix that.

The first one is obvious - the lower syllable belongs under the previous one.
For the second, they both belong under, but they radically change the top syllable, and bottom one. Bottom syllable becomes an under curly thingie (-ya). But then people with correct knowledge of Tibetan will understand it.

So... how do I get the stacking right? Use Tibetan Wylie keyboard input?
I just copied this into Word and copied straight to LJ.
It understood the syllables enough to separate them and transcribe the separated ones correctly at least.


I'm fluent in exactly one language: English. As such, I don't know much about insults in other languages.

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For some context, I saw this video (or see below if youtube gives you problems) of an American soldier laying into a bunch of Iraqi police recruits. He uses lots of colorful language, and the translator next to him doesn't miss a beat. I got to wondering if some of the phrases have direct translations in the other language (Arabic?).

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Online German technical dictionary?

Anyone have a link to an online dictionary with a good selection of recent technical terms, for German?

I'm thinking of something like Québec's Grand dictionnaire terminologique, from their office de la langue française: it offers not only French, but English-to-French and vice versa, and some Latin terms. And it offers them in context: "to save" means something quite different in, say, information technology, sports, and cooking, and this dictionary has that. I use it constantly.

So today I got a contract for some German work, and it's specifically very technical - web-server type technical, things like "domain name server" and so on. None of my paper dictionaries are new enough to have much of this vocab yet. Any thoughts? I'm not really in a position to get my hands on other paper dictionaries before the work needs to be done, so it needs to be online resources if possible.
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A plea to native speakers of Portuguese!

(Please feel free to delete this post if it's too far off-topic.)

I'm doing a phonetics/phonology project, and I need native speakers of Portuguese (from Brazil and Portugal!) to please record the phrases given below. I've given a context for each sentence, but I only need the sentences in bold.

Grupo 1:
1. Não sei quando é que vem. (Context: O meu irmão vem visitar-me, mas...)
2. Não sei porquê é que não vem. (Context: O meu irmão ia visitar-me mas ontem me chamou para cancelar. Agora,....)
3. Não sei como posso ensiná-lo ao meu amigo. (Context: Este amigo meu não sabe cozinhar, mas...)
4. Não sei onde comprou aquele bolo de morango. (Context: Eu gosto muito dos doces da padaria perto da casa, mas na semana passada o meu amigo me trouxe um bolo com sabor extótico. Então,...)

Grupo 2:
1. Quando é que vem? (Context: Ouvi falar o teu irmão ia visitar. Então...)
2. Porquê (é que) não vem? (Context: Ouvi falar o teu irmão ia visitar mas mudou de ideia. Então...)
3. Como posso ensiná-lo ao meu amigo? (Context: eu também não sei cozinhar, então....)
4. Onde comprou aquele bolo de morango? (Context: Vi um bolo na cozinha da casa de um amigo.)

What I need is these sentences recorded - as naturally as possible, considering the contexts given - in two files: the first containing the four sentences from grupo 1, and the second containing the sentences from grupo 2. You can record in any format that's convenient for you (.wav, .mp3, etc.), and, obviously, the cleaner the recording, the better. Be sure to leave a little bit of time (at least a few seconds) between the sentences within the same group.

If you think you can do this for me, I'd be eternally grateful! It's so hard to find willing participants... :/

Please email me the files at hannahbw(at)hotmail(dot)com, including your approximate age and your location (city/region/country) -- I don't need your name, but if you could comment here to let me know you're going to do this, that'd be awesome so I can grovel and thank you. :) If you're a native speaker but currently live in another country, that's cool, too, as long as you include that information in the email.

Muito obrigada!

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New York Mayor Bloomberg's first Spanish TV ad

I didn't see this posted anywhere, and I thought you would appreciate one of the worst Spanish accents I've ever heard from a government figure. And this is how well he did in a commercial, in which he must've had as much time to get it right as he wanted. Somebody get this man an accent coach...

Edit: What's even better is I just realized their title has gender confusion in it. "Un Nueva York Unido." Ay de mí.