April 28th, 2009

Gleann, Grainne

Anyone with Greek knowledge here?

I hate resorting to this, and I hope this isn't breaking the rules (it's not actual homework, it is for an online article that has been challenged, anyone responding will get credit if in whatever I do in what ever form they wish) but I'm lost on the Greek, it's certainly not my language, so I was wondering if someone here could help me with a translation of ὑαλος? It's being given in some translations of a text as "isatin appellant" or "isatis" but I need to be absolutely sure that this does refer to the plant by that name and I'm finding no other indication, other than the one text, that it does.

Thank you...even if you prove me wrong.
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french student here

hello guys! im studying french and id be glad if you read my entries (in french of course though i also wirte in english when i just cant contain my emotions and not in the 'french mode') and leave comments or corrections. merci!! :) 
'for those who are learning french as well, feel free to read my posts too! :) apprenons ensemble!

and oh, please do add me! thank you! merci! :)
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"Ich dachte, daß der Artikel nur einige mehr Fakten und Zahlen benötigte. Für ein Paar der Punkte zu begründen. In dem "Führen Frauen anders als Männer?" Abschnitt" zum Beispiel.

I want this sentence to mean "I thought that the article only needed a few more facts and figures. To back up a few of the points. In the "Women lead differently than men?" section for example"

Is it correct, or if not, what changes do I need to make?

Thanks :)

english names in china

I thought this article was pretty interesting.
The Name's Du Xiao Hua, But Call Me Steve
What's up with Chinese people having English names?
By Huan Hsu

Texas state Rep. Betty Brown suggested recently that Asian-Americans should change their names because they're too difficult to pronounce. During public testimony for a voter-ID bill, she asked political activist Ramey Ko (who happens to be my cousin) why Chinese people don't adopt names for "identification purposes" that would be "easier for Americans to deal with." I know I should denounce Brown's coded use of "American" and point out that Ramey and Ko are both easier to handle than, say, Zbigniew and Brzezinski. But, mainly, I'm struck by how dramatically Brown misjudged her audience. If she wants to peddle her renaming plan, she should do it in China.

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