April 27th, 2009


The voices in your head

Ok I'm just curious - when you read, especially in your non-native language(s), whose voice do you hear? Is it your own? A native speaker's? Is it easy to notice the difference or do you only realise when you think about it? Does the voice change periodically, and is there any reason for this?

For me, well, I thought of this question because it was only recently that I realised that the Spanish voice in my head is male (unlike me) and actually sounds completely different from my voice. It makes sense though; it's my husband's voice, he is a native Spanish speaker and I learnt much of what I know through interacting with him.

My other languages are more complex. Japanese switches between my own voice (with possibly a slightly better accent than I actually speak) and a few different types of native voices. What I'm wondering about is why I sometimes hear such vastly different voices when I read. I don't speak with many native speakers of Japanese these days so why would the inner voice change completely from one week to the next? Are they just different remembered voices?

For Korean I think the voice I hear is an actress from a tv series I watched quite a lot of. In French it's just my own (rather bad) accent. The other languages seem to be mostly a mix of the recordings I have been using to study them.

What about you guys? :)
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Höhere Gehaltskosten entstehen durch die stärker werdende Position der auf dem Führungskräftemarkt immer weniger zur Verfügung stehenden Anbieter, also der qualifizierten Führungskräfte.

Can someone translate this into English please?!


Srpsko-Hrvatski žargon

Otkad ikad živim van Juge; nemam pojma o novijim riječima. Može li mi ko reći šta je 'šmeker' (e.g. "on je pravi šmeker") i 'šmekanje' (e.g. "nikada ne znam koga čekaju ni s kim se šmekaju")?
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Is there a word for..

 Is there a word for the "occurrence in which, after learning a new word/definition/name, the word seems to appear everywhere" ? 
I'm pretty sure most of you have experienced this and I'm really curious if there is a name for this strange 'event' and if anyone has a good explanation for your mind tricking you into thinking that the word is 'haunting' you.

(I guess this is similar to "Murphy's Law")

Componential analysis of pronouns

I'm having issues understanding how to do componential analysis, specifically in regard to pronouns. Can anyone point me to a resource that explains it and shows examples? Or anyone feel like doing a brief tutorial?

Much appreciated!
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