April 23rd, 2009


Online Italian courses

Hi, I'm looking for a second-semester (elementary/first year) online Italian course that would get me college credit. Does anyone know of a good online Italian program (or great online language programs in general), how one can tell if certain programs are typically accepted as college credit, or have any suggestions as to where I should look? So far, I've repeatedly come across the following sites, and I'd appreciate it greatly if anyone could give some input on if they're worthwhile or not:

Online Italian at the University of North Carolina

Online Italian at University of Wisconsin

Online Italian with Language Trainers

Online Italian with Rosetta Stone

Basically, I'm looking for one that will transfer as a college credit. I'm aware that language learning is probably much more effective in a classroom setting, but that's just not an option at the moment unfortunately. Any advice or suggestions would be amazing! Grazie tante!

Korean inflection

Hullo again!

Any experts out there on Korean Inflection? Not the tone issue but more the morphology to syntax area...I just need help in breaking down the ideas.  Not sure if they have the same case number gender inflections as English or its just a null case all together as I think the subject or topic gets dropped frequently when not needed.  Thanks for any help at all, hope everyone is having a good spring.
It snowed here yesterday :(
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Welsh phonetics in Welsh

Can someone give me a quick translation of the Welsh sentence "Digwydd /h/ yn dafodiaith ond nodwedd brosodig i nodi pwyslais ydyw nid ffonem." into English?

I'm writing a paper on the absence/presence of /h/ in a group of dialects in Welsh, and one of my sources have quoted another article and I have no idea what the quote is.

Introduction/Kanji dictionary/硬 堅い 固い

First of all, hello everyone :-) I'm learning Japanese and speak Danish and English fluently in addition to my mother tongue German. I'm generally very interested in languages, so I figured this community might be the right one for me :-)

Now for something that might actually be of use to some: I can recommend this Kanji dictionary which has stroke order animations for all Jouyou Kanji and a heap of compounds for each of them. http://yamasa.cc/members/ocjs/kanjidic.nsf/SearchKanji3?OpenForm

And finally, a question that has been bugging me for a while: As far as my dictionary tells me, 硬い, 堅い and 固い all mean "hard" - but what is the difference between them?


~ 紫外線

Verb conjugation website

I'm trying to remember a website, if it still exists. It was a site where, if you inserted a Spanish verb (or a verb from a few other languages, I think), it conjugated it in every form for you. Anyone know what site I'm thinking of?
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spanish [r]

Is an unvoiced alveolar trill possible? I'm wondering because I always think I hear something not quite right about my [r] in Spanish. It almost sounds too breathy. Another problem is I can pronounce [r] easily when it's between two vowels, but consonant + [r] is impossible for me without pausing to kind of a gulp to provide myself with the air for what would be a vowel. Anyone else have the same issues?