April 19th, 2009


Japanese onomatopeoia dictionaries

A day or so ago I made a blog post in Japanese on a language learning site, asking about the meanings of some katakana onomatopeoia and whether there were any 擬声語/擬態語/擬音語 dictionaries out there. Someone linked me to this site, which looks kind of awesome, and also these two books (anyone here have any personal experiences using them?). Anyway, I thought I'd post those links here in case anyone else in this community is interested in them.

Looking for a bunch of good linguistic jokes.

Hey everyone,

I'm writing a short story about a linguistics professor and it's dawned on me that what's missing in my story are some linguistic jokes or catty sayings, etc. So, I figured what better place to ask if there are any must knows, or clever places to look, etc. Can be in any language.

Also, I'm in dire need of finding someone who is well-versed in Cajún.

Thanks a ton for your time.

(no subject)

I've studied Swedish for almost 10 years, but have recently somewhat fallen out of the loop and find my capabilites in expressing myself in the language rusting. So I could use a little help.

I'm specifically looking for maybe something to listen to (music, in Swedish), or maybe radio programs, podcasts? Maybe some good Swedish comics or books that you know, TV-shows or movies that would be easily available to download? Web communities? I'm interested in knitting and video games. Heh.

What do you listen/read/browse in order to surround yourself with the language? If you're a native speaker, where do you hang out online?

This would be easier for me if I still lived in Finland, but as an expat I don't have immediate access to even Finnish-Swedish material. So I am curious.

And also, if there ARE any native speakers here writing their livejournals in Swedish, I would of course love to be friends.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

(Already tried to look for LJ communities but most that list Swedish as an interest are IKEA or Roxette or similar communities. UGH!)

Case -> Word order

There are languages with free word order and no (full) morphological case (such as Bulgarian), but is there a list of languages which have a full morphological case paradigm but not free word order? I can't think of any.

Career questions...

Is anyone here a translator?

I'm just curious about what people did to work towards the job and also what sort of tasks you find yourself doing. Even if you just answer one of the questions, that'd be dandy. It's only for my personal benefit. I'm aware that the answer to these questions will vary wildly from person to person -- but I want to see the variance.

Did you go to university and if so, what did you study there?

What sort of things do you translate?

Was it hard to find a job?

Do you do it freelance or for a company?

How many languages do you work with?

How much do you charge and/or make?

And any other information you want to include would be great : ).
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Sociolinguistics project

For my final project in my sociolinguistics class, I'm doing a study akin to the one that was done called "Teaching Children How to Discriminate," where the author examined Disney films and purportedly uncovered racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. based on the dialects certain characters had. I'm doing my study on current (or fairly current) TV shows to see if I will find the same thing. So far I've only seriously looked at the series Angel (the one with the vampires and demons and such), but can't think of any other shows that would serve my purposes. I've ruled out comedies because by their very nature they're supposed to poke fun at stereotypes. I'm thinking more along the lines of fantasy since I'm paralleling my study with the Disney study. So, two questions:
1. I'm an avid Smallville fan, have all the seasons, etc so it wouldn't be hard for me to go back and find specific instances of dialect use. That said, I can't seem to think of any characters that have a non-Mainstream U.S. English (MUSE) accent. If anyone else watches the show and can think of such an instance, I would greatly appreciate it!
2. Any other semi-current (mid to late 90's and beyond) "fantasy" TV series that have a few non-MUSE accent, I'm all ears.
Thanks so much for the help!