April 14th, 2009

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French hand-writing

Can anybody please decypher some French hand-writing for me? I can't figure it out for the life of me.

It's a note in a document, some last name is crossed out and this text written under it, if that helps.

If anyone translates this, or retypes, I'll be endlessly thankfull!

Italian -> English

dear linguaphiles,
I apologize for bringing you more tedium, but apparently I'm not functional anymore and so I don't understand the underlined stuff (please don't worry about the entire sentences, as I'm providing them only for context):
1. Il debito contratto dalla società X (acquirente), generalmente ottenuto concedendo a garanzia azioni o patrimonio (my attempt: "by granting shares or assets? as security"? probably way off, I realize that) della società Y (acquistata), viene poi generalmente ripagato o con i flussi di cassa generati dall'impresa acquisita, o vendendo rami dell'azienda.
2. la liquidità designa lo stato della tesoreria di un agente; la capacità che offre un mercato di vendere “facilmente” i suoi titoli, dunque di potersene uscire per tornare ad essere liquidi ("to enable them to leave in order to return them to being liquid..."???).
3. Queste ultime sarebbero chiamate a comprarne in grandi quantità e a stampare ulteriore moneta. Con quali conseguenze? Una forte inflazione, se vi sarà l'interludio di una breve ripresa, oppure in alcuni paesi (i principali candidati sono Gran Bretagna e Stati Uniti) crisi valutarie e iperinflazione. (my attempt: if there is the interlude... or, in some countries, currency crises")

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I know it's Greek...

What's the name of the grammatical error of agreeing with the plural noun preceding the verb rather than the true singular subject of the sentence (e.g. A bunch of girls are waiting outside when it should be A bunch of girls is waiting outside)?

ETA: if there's a name for the category of such processes in general, that would also be good (or if you know of a website where they're listed)

German Word List: Design & Drawing Terms

Hey all, I may be doing an internship later this year in Berlin at a design firm. I've been searching in vain for the last little bit for a word list of design terms in German. I guess the struggle I am running into is that so many of the English design terms are vague or multipurpose (e.g., tone, value, weight, etc) so searching is difficult. Does anyone know where I could find such a list, or terms I could search to help narrow my google returns?

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Deciphering technical linguistics!

Hi, lovely linguaphiles :)

A friend of mine asked me a linguistics realed question, and I'm not entirely sure on the answer myself. I was wondering whether you'd be able to help us decipher exactly what this short passage from a Grammar of Marathi actually means:

'among the systems of intraclausal argument marking, cross-reference by bound pronominals is the most important: prefixes and clitics'

We're a little confused as to whether he's stating that the language marks case on arguments by prefixes and clitics, or whether he means that agreement markers on the verb are prefixes and clitics? Or, in fact, something completely different!

Thank you so much in advance if you can shed any light on this!

technical Russian?

Okay, yikes.  A friend of mine remembered that I'd studied a bit of Russian in high school and sent me the following to see if I can translate it.  It is *way* beyond beyond beyond beyond anything I can handle!  He received this message at work from a Russian client and is going crazy trying to figure it out.  All I can figure out, seriously, is that SOMETHING's been going on for 21 years.  But I am stuck on the rest because it's fairly technical.  Anyone kind enough to give it a try?  At the least, what's the general gist of the message?

2. А таких участков, на которых были сделаны заверочные анализы, которые показали идентичность рудных тел и делювия с участком Каганго 14 (и это на одной трети концессии площадью 21 кв.км. Другими словами необходимо в будущем, когда начнется пилотный майнинг на Казанго, обозначить эти участки майнингоывми лицензиями на 21 год .
3. Применительно к  On the Morohov business plan and on our Q&A we list the estimates at Tantalum?16-18Thousands Tons?Niobium?60Thousands Tons?Berellium?25Thousands Tons?Tins?2Thousands Tons. это прогнозные запасы всей концессии с учетом общей мощности рудных тел и концентраций танала в породе
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Please help identify a language.

(cross-posted to: linguaphiles, ljtranslators, and translators.)

Hello, all.

I was wondering if someone might be able to help me identify a language. I was watching an English-language television program that was subtitled, and I'm trying to figure out what the language is. I can tell that it's a Slavic-Romance language, but that's about it. I'm almost positive it's not Romanian or Polish, but beyond that I'm clueless.

From context, I've translated the following:
ne -- no
bok -- hi
stani -- stop
tata -- dad/father
moja -- mine
kljuè -- key
slona -- elephant
reci mi -- tell me
sretan roðendan -- happy birthday
Moj Bože! -- My God!
Ostani ovdje. -- Stay there.
Gdje si ti? -- Where are you?
Odvedi me doma. -- Take me home.
Žao mi je, detektive. -- I'm sorry, detective.
Idi u svoju sobu, odmah! -- Go to your room, now!
Koju životinju hoæeš? -- What kind of animal pancakes do you want?

Hopefully, this is enough to recognize it. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Help with French?

Hi, I'm 15 years old and I need someone to help me practise my French.
I have some exams coming up soon and I'd really appreciate someone just to practise my French with. It's nothing too difficult - tenses, basic grammar and vocab.
I hope you can help me! x