April 13th, 2009


Italian -> English

I'm not sure why I keep having trouble with these things, as they're pretty minor, but anyway, I'll appreciate any help:
1. I CDO sono strumenti molto complessi e di difficile valutazione e dunque alquanto opachi. Non sono omogenei e, sia all'emissione [issuance... but what do I do with "a"?] sia successivamente, vengono trattati in transazioni bilaterali (over the counter).

2. Questa separazione viene meno nel momento in cui (come nel 2007-08-09) la banca è in crisi di liquidità e fa capo ad una banca sponsor per farsi fare un credito.

[[XP][XP]] Double Illocution

I just realised that I often say as a parting gesture: "Cheers; thank you/thanks [a lot]/etc".

To me, "cheers" (by itself) seems too light/insincere or even sarcastic (almost like saying nothing at all), but "thank you" (by itself) sounds very stilted/forced.... yet together it comes naturally.

Is this normal/attested? I've never heard other people use it as much as I seem to do. Can an XP be reduplicated systematically like this in English?-- e.g. "Go on; get the hell out of here!" seems to have more illocutionary force than either "go on" or "get the hell out of here" by themselves, unlike the "double politeness" listed above.

correct latin?

a friend of mine is getting this phrase in latin as a tattoo, and i was wondering if anyone could make sure it was phrased correctly and that the grammar was okay:

"ego vadum nunquam perdo meus via iterum pro meus domus est in pennae"

it's supposed to mean "i shall never lose my way again for my home is on the wing"

thanks for any help!