April 11th, 2009

To Spanish-speakers

Hello, I am currently studying Spanish, and I am wondering if there are any Spanish-speakers, whether they are trying to learn English or are simply willing to be of help, that would like to have a pen-pal? I really want to speak Spanish as fluently as a native, and this would help a lot.


"Like the back of my hand"

In the US you would say, "I know ___ like the back of my hand." In Colombia, you would say "Conozco ____ como la palma de mi mano," or, "I know ___ like the palm of my hand."

What is it in other languages, back of the hand or the palm? Or is there an equivalent expression that's totally different? Do different English- and Spanish-speaking countries use different ones?

Prepositions, prefixes and alphabets

How do you determine whether or not a "prefix/preposition" is really a prefix/preposition in alphabetisation? E.g. I imagine in any decent collection, Ludwig van Beethoven would be before Gustav Holst... but where would Pierre De Geyter be?-- would he be before or after John Field? What about Dick Van Dyke?-- I truly hope he had never made any classical music, but you never know.

Last name origin?

I think I've read posts like this on here before, but forgive me if its not allowed. One of my friends is from a family that doesn't really care/know about heritage, etc. but she's always wondered what her heritage is. So we've been googling her last name and such, but sadly for us, its pretty uncommon and we've come up empty handed, so I'm opening the question up to the linguaphiles:

Does anyone know the origin of the last name Tunno?