April 6th, 2009

BoA: beautiful
  • jess


I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way when I say that sometimes this community is rather intimidating... that so many of the contributors seem to be "magically, flawlessly adept" when it comes to language studies. Personally (and maybe the cause is all in my head, but even so) I feel a lot of pressure to appear the same way.

So let me just flat out admit right now that I am not... as was made painfully clear to me today. I received my placement test results for my second semester of study abroad (in Japan) and found out that I did not proceed to the next level up, but only to the "faster track" version of the same course I had just completed... How does that even happen? I know I learned a lot last semester, and really don't feel I'm in need of going through the same material a second time... And yet, the test results say otherwise. How do I explain that to my professors back at home? How do I show my face to everyone who surpassed me?

I do apologize for bringing so much emo-ness into the community. I'm just terribly worried, discouraged, and, yes, self-deprecated. :/

If anyone could share stories of their obstacles with language acquisition (and, if they've been resolved, how you cleared your hurdles), I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.