March 15th, 2009


A good place to start with Moroccan Arabic.

 Quite an obvious question given the post's title.  I am interested in learning in Moroccan Arabic but am really wondering just where to begin.  There are few Arabic courses locally, and those are restricted to Egyptian Arabic.  I am a complete débutante in anything to do with Arabic as well, so definitely things with no assumed prior knowledge of anything would be wonderful.

Another question:  Am I going about it the wrong way by wanting to learn the language as it's spoken in Morocco instead of getting a foundation first in Modern Standard Arabic?  Is that going to be detrimental later on, or is it really of no consequence which I learn first so long as I am aware of the fact that practically no one outside of Morocco would have any idea what I was talking about?

Any help would be very much appreciated, language guides, music, even book recommendations on the history of the language and country that you find interesting and relevant.  

Thank you in advance.
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some Korean help

I'd like to say this in Korean:

"You may be a dog, and I may be a cat, but together we'll always be two ducks."

It's supposed to be affectionate and endearing. I don't want to feed it through Google Translate lest it come off as unnatural, overly formal or overly literal.

Also, I am really for the life of me not getting the difference between consonants like ㄲ and ㄱ. (EDIT: In other words 'tense'  consonants or the faucalised voice.) Any tips on learning how to pronounce these and distinguish them? Actually, any in-depth online resources on learning Korean would be awesome; all the ones I've found are of the "Korean Travel Phrases" variety or do not really explain the grammar in detail. Thanks!


Recommended reading?

I've got a nice 13 hour flight coming up in a couple weeks, and I figured I'd used that time for some good, actually educational reading. Does anyone have some linguistics-related books they could recommend?

My main interests are sociolinguistics (especially World Englishes and second language identity), pragmatics, Japanese/Korean linguistics, and second language acquisition. I'm not looking for textbooks, though, but more nonfiction reference/novels.
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Hello linguaphiles! I come to you with a fairly simple request. I'd like to know how to say "one" in as many different languages as possible. Thanks so much for all your help in advance :)