March 12th, 2009


Gender Neutral Speech in Other Languages

This is kind of a continuation of my last post about gender neutral pronouns in English.

English is relatively gender neutral in comparison to other languages, which have gendered nouns, adjectives, verbs, everything.  English's gendered third person pronouns are nothing in comparison.  How (if they even do) do other languages deal with gender neutrality?  It would have to be a lot more complicated than in English.

Also, I hear that Hungarian is completely gender neutral (without even a difference between he and she).  Is that true?
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More ways to improve listening comprehension?

I recently decided to work on improving my listening comprehension in Spanish. One way I am doing that is listening to Spanish-language radio in the car. I don't do it as consistently as I would like, but it is still helping.

What are some other ways I can improve my listening comprehension skills?
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I'm doing my term paper on Sociolinguistics and dramatic changes that occured in it and how it came about. I honestly can't find any information on how it came about, can anyone help? Also what other dramatic changes happened? Right now I'm using Labov's study of AAVE as a main part of my paper.  Is there anywhere I can get more info on that? Thanks.