March 8th, 2009

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Hacked on LJ .. A Public Service Announcement...

Hi guys.. I'm one of your friendly neighborhood community maintainers. I was reading my friends list and came upon a very informative community posting at ljsecret concerning the rise of hacked personal and community journals here on LJ.

I have seen them on MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and here on LJ. I inadvertently clicked on one of the links last year and was infected, fortunately my anti-virus software caught the problem immediately. However, others weren't as lucky and have had their entries deleted, among other things.

One of the many ways hackers get people to click their links is by saying that a particular community is closing. Let me assure you guys that we have NO intention of closing this community. linguaphiles has been around for 8 years and we intend to be around for as long as LJ is.

In any case, I suggest reading the post (link: ) which provides helpful info.

Basically, be vigilant about the links and embedded videos and pictures that are posted - if you're not sure, don't click on them. If you see such content, alert LJ abuse as well as e-mailing our YahooGroup which reaches all the maintainers.

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Bilingualism Survey

Hey everyone! I'm doing a small research project for English class on the differences between acquiring a language at an early age vs. acquiring a language in adulthood. Part of the paper is to take surveys, and in addition to my bilingual schoolmates, I felt that this would be a perfect community to find people who speak at least one other language.

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Thank you for helping out! I'm looking forward to seeing what your opinions are. :)
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Gaelic pronunciation

Hey guys! I was wondering if I could get a bit of help with the pronunciation of the following Irish phrases (supposedly mottoes of the Fianna, according to Wikipedia; I'm not using them for anything /too/ important though, so I'll take it as it is ;):

Glaine ár gcroí (Pureness of heart)
Neart ár ngéag (Strength of limb)
Beart de réir ár mbriathar (Deeds to match words)

IPA is OK (I can barely struggle through it) but I'm not very good at it, so a phonetic guide (including where your accent is, or in something resembling PNW American accent ;) would be really awesome.

Additionally, if anyone has advice for a reliable/easy to follow guide to pronunciation of Irish, that would be great as well, I've found a couple ( seems pretty good, but I'm not sure how accurate it is, and omniglot depends on a better knowledge of IPA than my mediocre one).

*Edit* Thanks for the help guys! And yes, I totally agree that IPA is the best option by far but... it's also very challenging, to me.

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German translation request

Dear Glossaphiloi,

Can anyone help me with a rough (though not as rough as google or babelfish) translation into English of the following bit of German text?

Man stelle sich den Knaben Husserl inmitten einer Horde von Hominiden vor, die, auf der Skala der Evolution bereits zu der Fähigkeit gediehen, primitive Werkzeuge durch Schleifen zu verfeinern, dem messerwetzenden Jungen zunächst mit Bewunderung und Neid zuschauen - und schließlich ihr grölendes Gelächter über die so völlig un-animalische Verrücktheit, deren sich der künftige Philosoph schuldig macht. (Merkwürdig nur, wie fremd Husserl dennoch der tragende Gedanke der dritten Cartesischen Meditation geblieben ist.)

Thank you so much in advance!

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Ryanair sagte, dass Aer Lingus, eine kleine und regional Fluglinie, marginalisieren und übersehen worden ist.


Ryanair said that Aer Lingus, a small and regioal airline, has been marginalized and overlooked.

Is the German sentence correct?



Hello, all. I'm using Rosetta Stone for Arabic, and it's...difficult to say the least. It's hard to find patterns in words, word order, and to find letters within words. Can you recommend a good supplementary book or something similar? Thanks!
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Language harmonisation and standardisation?

Hi folks. I'm in the middle of reading Rehabilitating African Languages: Language Use, Language Policy and Literacy in Africa, Selected Case Studies, edited by Kwesi Kwah Prah (Capetown, South Africa : The Center for Advanced Studies of African Society, 2002).

Several of the chapters are about the linguistic work that would need to be done to more effectively use African languages in all facets of public life (education, media, book publishing) rather than the languages of the colonial period (primarily French and English.)

In this context, the authors keep referring to "language harmonisation and standardization" but don't define it. I have a vague idea that at least one task covered by that phrase is choosing a single spelling for words that are actually pronounced similarly in local variants of a given language, so that printing of textbooks, etc. can be done with more economy of scale.

Is there more? Are harmonisation and standardisation different issues, or are the two terms being used together for emphasis? I'd welcome some clarification. I did check the Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics which my library has on line, but there was nothing. I'm not a linguist (anthropology undergrad, though); this is just personal interest.