March 6th, 2009


Name pronunciation

I'm working on converting lists of names into phonetic versions for English speakers again, and would be grateful for any helpful input on how the following names are pronounced:

(1) Loizou (Cypriot, so I assume the "zou" bit is "zoo", as in Greek, but what of the "Loi"? If it's actually λοι, I think it'd be "lee", but could it be "loy" or "lwah"?)

(2) Mansour (possibly Farsi?)

(3) Ajzensztat (I think this is romanised Hebrew. "Aazh-zen-shtart", maybe?)

(4) Trevisanut (Hungarian?)

Thanks everyone!
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French again

Hi my lovely helpful linguaphiles, I've some simple french questions again.

What's the meaning of "de" here? J'ai de la fievre.

Also, what are these?

J'ai mal au nez.
J'ai mal a la main/vente/gorge/tete
J'ai mal aux dents/yeux

It's all to do with illness. If it's possible, could you please translate to english word by word so that i can get the idea when i use them?

Gazillion of thanks in advance! :)
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(no subject)

I'm trying to say this...

"1933 was seen as the end of the Weimar Republic and the start of the Third Reich. The oath of allegiance to Hitler was introduced in 1934. This was significant because it was the first sign of the army holding allegiance to Hitler rather than remaining apolitical." German.

"1933 war als die Ende der Weimarer Republik und der Anfang der Dritten Reich gesehen. Der Eid auf den Führer wurde in 1934 eingeführt. Das war wichtig, weil es das allererste Mal war, dass die Armee Treue zu dem Führer schwörte."

Can someone help to correct this?

(And thanks for all the help here!)
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(no subject)

"Mit den Vorbereitungen zum Fest begann man schon frühzeitig."

How can I put this sentence into the 'Passiv' sense? I'm doing a Passiv exercise and having trouble with just this one! Thanks :)

English Listening - Tattoo

Hello fantastic linguaphiles! ;)
I am working with an ESL student who desperately wants to practice listening but finds the traditional activities LAME!
I've tried looking around for some interesting ones, but specifically I'm looking for a podcast, or other audio file, somewhat geared to ESL students, discussing Tattoos.
He really really really wants to get a tattoo but isn't sure about it. Any ideas?


German knitting song

I've been reading the book Gaglow by Esther Freud (I can highly recommend it), and about half the book is about 3 sisters living in Prussia in WWI. At one point they are taught to knit with a cute little song about a hunter going into a wood, and the rabbit jumping over him. The translation into English makes it kind of clumsy, and Esther Freud's books are usually based on her or her family's lives, so I doubt she made it up. If I google jaeger + stricken (or strickerei) + wald or kaninchen / hase I just get jaeger brand wool. Is this a real little rhyme for learning knitting in german, and if so, what are the original words