February 27th, 2009


Teaching a child French.

My sister is pregnant, and I'd like to try to teach the baby some French as he grows up. Only problem is, I only know a little of it myself. We are of French-Canadian descent and it would be nice if he knew some of his ancestral language. Do you have any tips?
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some Deutsch questions/help

Hallo! it's been awhile since I've posted here; I've been recently trying to pick up on my German again and practice/teach myself (sadly I don't know many Germans around where I live, to practice :(

if anyone could help me with some questions, that would be great! I have quite a few actually but I'll ask a few at a time, so I don't overwhelm or take over the lj community with a gigantic post. =)

1. If i wanted to say 'i feel happy' would i say, 'Ich fuhle glucklich'? is this the right word? same with 'i feel tired', etc.? (ich fuhle mude)

2. Does 'weder' mean neither? so if i wanted to say 'i am neither good nor bad,' and 'i am neither happy nor sad' would this be correct:

**Ich bin weder gut noch schlecht.

**Ich fuhle weder glucklich noch traurig

3. I was ordering coffee the other day and was atrying to say this in my mind in German: and i wasn't sure about the order of the sentence, because of the verb always having to come second...except when things get added to sentences, as they always do, and then i get mixed up.
'I think that I need some cold coffee with ice please.'

** Ich denke, dass ich etwas Kaffee brauche. Mit Eis bitte.

How is the order with this?

Danke =)
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Spanish Listening Comprehension

I'm trying to watch a Chilean movie in Spanish with no subtitles, and I'm surprised at how little I can understand the fast conversations. (I can understand the whole gist of it, though, and understand the normally-paced conversations) Well, I guess I'm not so surprised being that it *is* a foreign language for me, but speaking Portuguese natively I thought it would be easier.

So does anyone know of a good resource with lots of Spanish listening comprehension exercises? Faster speakers, preferably. Thanks!