December 30th, 2008

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Could someone tell me how to pronounce the below Japanese (and what it means), please? I recognize the kanji for "white", and the other one feels awfully familiar -- but I can't for the life of me figure it out.

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Thanks so much!
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I've been noticing something strange lately, and can't help but wonder if other people have experienced the same thing. (Or even better, if anyone knows what the reason behind it might be!) Spelling (in English, my native language) had never been a problem for me before I started studying Japanese. However, I've been studying the language intensively at school for the past few years, and I've noticed that spelling in English has turned into a bit of an adventure for me. My ability to spell hasn't changed, but the process that my brain takes to get to the correct spelling of a word seems to have lengthened. When I'm typing, I find myself typing "write" instead of "right" or "sight" instead of "site"-or vice versa. Similarly, I recently told someone the other day that I was going to go eat "soop" (instead of soup.) I catch these mistakes almost immediately after making them, but as my study of the Japanese language continues, I'm finding that my spelling mishaps occur more and more frequently (whether I'm mixing up homophones or completely misspelling a word.) Has this happened to anyone else while studying a foreign language? Does anyone know why this could be? I look forward to your insight!
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My parents have been very hesitant about me majoring in linguistics because they fear that my future won't be as solid as another major, such as medicine of some sort, and they feel that I should "make the most of [my] investment in education". My plan is to become a professor of linguistics and do related research, but I also was wondering about other career paths. Does anyone have data on a career as a linguistics professor, as well as other options? (My parents don't think that there's much demand for linguistics professors, so any data disproving that would be especially helpful.) Information including salaries would be especially beneficial, as that's what they're worried about the most. I'm open to pretty much all career paths.

Thanks in advance!
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