December 21st, 2008


Spanish - "Gender Neutral"

My fiancee and I only have Spanish in common. We've been going through a poll of political stances, and there's a section about LBGT rights. I've been trying to explain "gender neutral housing" for two days now, and we're both at a loss by this point.

How would you explain it in Spanish?

(Gender neutral housing refers to eliminating the division of college housing into girls/boys.)
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Greek names for Latin letters

OK, so this holiday has only just started, and already I'm thinking ahead to the next one. I'm plotting something that will involve us driving around a chunk of the Peloponnese, finding places to stay as we go. Remembering a time when I managed to book a hotel in Bologna over the telephone in Italian — a language I know primarily from opera libretti — and then found myself unable to spell my own name because I didn't know the Italian for 'k', I thought I would plan ahead this time.

O wise linguaphiles: how does one refer to Roman letters in Greek? (I've tried looking up Λατινικό αλφάβητο on Βικιπαίδεια, which didn't help, and I have no other bright ideas.)

Chants for babies

There are special rhymes for different games with a baby, e. g. clapping rhymes. In Russian, there's a special verse that we say when the baby sits on our knees and we do such an up-and-down movement and then pretend to drop the baby. Does anybody know rhymes like that (for playing with babies? not only making them jump on your knees) in English?
UPD: "Rockabye Baby" is one of them.

Looking for a native english speaker! =)

Hi there, I would like to know if there is anyone around here who wouldn't mind reading this text in english and putting it into *correct* english. Just so it flows better, etc.

It's really short, just a few sentences, so it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes. =) I appreciate in advance. ;)

If you're interested in helping, please download the text here: or

Thank you!*

Feel free to contact me if you ever need anything as I speak portuguese (my mother tongue) and spanish fairly well, am also learning german and studied french for three years... ;)

EDIT: well, duh me, if you need to contact me if you have read the text, here's my e-mail:

What Language Is This?

I have the song "Amabhongo" by the Mahotella Queens and I would love to know what language the song is in. My best guess is Zulu, but I'm not sure from my googling if all their songs are in Zulu or only some of them. I also couldn't find this song on youtube, but you can listen to a clip of the song here: (click the play button next to the track title).