December 17th, 2008

Japanese to English - Electricity

Hello Hello I am now translating an article from Japanese to English about solar power generation and wind force power generation.  I'm not really sure if these are the right way of calling natural energy; Solar power generation. Wind force power generation, Natural energy. And I want to know if the following passages make sense…


1) The ongoing research is about the case when a single main voltage was connected to numerous generations to hook up at once after the solar power generation had been common in household, how would it be affected to the aspect of its quality and stability.


2) The laboratory has made some improvement in inverters at voltage function from direct current to alternating current and lessened the voltage fluctuations and make electricity supply stable.


Lessened the voltage fluctuations…probably it doesn’t make sense.  But what I wanted to write was 電圧幅を少なくする。To adjust voltage level smaller..or something like that….

*This is not an official translation.  My translation class's assignment and I am struggling in translating it. So I have to do it all by my own effort but some parts are really hard to translate.....I'd very much appreciate your help.  Thanks in advance!



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everywhere and nowhere in Japanese

I've just been reminded this quotation from Terry Pratchett, "everywhere is so much like nowhere that you can't really tell the difference", and it made me extremely curious: is it possible to translate into Japanese? For what I know, to say "nowhere" in Japanese you say "everywhere" (どこにも、どこへも, etc.) with a negative verb form. Or am I totally misunderstanding something? My Japanese is still pretty basic.

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Improving Conversational Skills

I currently live/study in Taiwan but I'm going home for the holidays for about two months. While I am home I would like to continue improving my Chinese, mainly my conversational skills/speaking because it's the weakest by far.

While I'm in Taiwan I have a few friends that I can speak with, but back home there is no one. I live in the country and it's not a very ethnically diverse area.

My question is, what are some things I can do while I am home to help improve my speaking? My teacher has offered to talk on skype with me but I know that will not be very often, as she is super busy.

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Masculine titles

How would you change the opera title "Così fan tutte" so that it referred to men instead of women?

And is it possible to create a German title with the same sort of feel; the title that it might have had if it had been a gender-switched German opera? My German is much too prosaic to make anything elusive enough.

Thanks so much. I think I'll stick to the Italian as I suspect that the reference will be lost if I take it to German.
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Bangor University

I randomly across this program at Bangor University, where you pick three languages to study with three various semesters abroad. It's started to really interest me but I'm trying to find alumni to contact to find out exactly what they've done after completing the four years, as in what career paths and possibly postgraduate degrees they've pursued, and if this is a pratical course of study for someone who's really into languages but doesn't know exactly what to do with them yet. I've been interested in interpreting for a while, and I don't know if that will still be attractive to me in two, three, or fours years time, but this degree at Bangor seems like it could be a good place to start. Thoughts? Does anyone possibly know someone who's done the course? And also, does anyone know of a similar program at any other university? I was so excited mostly because I had never ran into something like that before ... and I have no idea if it exists anywhere else.


I am writing a musical with a heavily Jewish slant (Hebrew School Musical, if you must know), and I am at the scene where the characters are in temple auditioning for a show. I need to name the temple. Is "Ro" or "Roh" by itself a Hebrew word? "Beth" in Hebrew means "house of" and it is in the name of a lot of temples, and I have a friend named Beth Rowe who could use a shoutout.

If "ro" is not a word, I'll use "Beth Levivot"....House of Pancakes..