December 15th, 2008


I'm considering taking a Greenlandic course for fun, not graded or in relation to school. I've only studied Romantic and Germanic languages. How demanding is Greenlandic to learn having no background of its grammatical structure? Would it be possible to do all right in a beginning level class only devoting a few hours a week to studying?

(I generally excel at beginning language classes and never actually "study" for language tests, but I am assuming this is going to be a much different case)
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New Year Card Kanji?

I'm sending a New Year's Card to my host family in Japan, and I know there's a special Kanji to write on the card so that even though it arrives at the post office beforehand, it doesn't get delivered until New Year's Day. Can anyone tell me what the kanji are? I think one of them is Toshi (年) but I don't know what the other is :<

Conditional sentence?

I hope you can help me as I have a problem with French grammar:

"Nous nous réservons le droit d'annuler la commande si la livraison ne s'effectue pas le 1er juillet au plus tard."

My intuition tells me not to change the "réservons" to "réserverons", but I can't come up with an explaination. I'm not even sure it is right.

Thank you all for your helpful replies.
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What languages are these?

German comedian Hape Kerkeling has this skit where he says that Pope Benedict XVI asks visitors, in "all languages of the world", to remain on St. Peter's Square for the evening prayer. Which languages does Hape Kerkeling use? (Or parody; I could imagine one or two of them aren't real since I can't understand a word of them and he might be doing it for the accent/effect rather than quoting.)

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I (think I) can recognise: English; French; Italian; (continental) Spanish; ??? (Slavic?); ??? (Danish?); Dutch; and German.

I'm especially curious about the ones I marked "???".


spanish language magazines

Does anyone have any ideas for how to get a subscription to a Spanish language magazine for delivery to the UK?

I'm looking for a present for my father who's been he's been learning Spanish for 4 or 5 years now so his reading is reasonable, I've got him novels in the past but I thought a magazine could be interesting.
I'm looking for something current affairs or science&nature-ish. I know that there is a Spanish language version of national geographic published in the US which would be perfect but I can't find anyone online who seem to want to ship to the UK.

Any ideas anyone?

thanks in advance if anyone can help...
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