November 25th, 2008


Finnish as a world language?

I post a lot of Schmarrn here, but this is so wonderful.

When people mention a "world language", one compulsorily thinks of English, maybe even French, Spanish, or Chinese. But Finnish? Here you will find a serious (???) summation of Finnish as the world language.

Also enjoy the same page in German:
and in Swedish:


Language Guru

How many languages do you speak, and what CEFR would you give yourself for each?
Edit: Or if you have been tested, even better, you can write what level you recieved.


English: C2
German: B2/C1/C2 (it depends on the subject... )
French: B1
Japanese: A1
Russian: A1
Spanish: A1

W00t the weakness of being only bi-/semi-trilingual!

If you are unfarmiliar with theCommon European Framework of Reference for Languages, here is a table which you can use to calssify your skills: 
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I'm listening to the song "Gives You Hell" by The All-American Rejects. It strikes me that the lead singer has a sort of unusual accent. And calling the woman that the song is addressed to "love" seems a bit British to me.

Has anyone else noticed this?

ETA: The song plays on AAR's website, so you can listen to it there if you've never heard it.

Listen to the way they say "car" and some of their L's.

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hello linguaphiles! I am having a conversation with a friend and he was asking me about German idioms. In English, we say "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse" while in German the same idea would be "I have the hunger of a bear."

How would one say, "expect the best, prepare for the worst"? I assume there are some people here who can help us out; does anyone know how to express this saying?

EDIT: What are your favorite translations of common idioms?

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Could you tell me what this means in hindi?


I looked it up on google, but I'm incredibly doubtful of the internets ability to properly translate words. It would be nice to have someone who knows/speaks hindi verify for me. Thanks!
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Quick question about English Universities

Do many/any of the universities in England allow you to study multiple things if they're not related to each other? Specifically languages with another thing. For example, I want to do Computer Science at university. But I'd also like to study language, i.e. Scandinavian Studies or something similar.

Sorry if this isn't relevant. I'm just slightly confused.
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Hey guys, I am hoping you could help me with a Latin translation.

The text is:

Prior de Chale petit versus Walterum de Stanton' et alberdam uxorem ejus iij. bovatas terre cum pertinentiis in Crophill sicut jus ecclesie sue: et Walterus predictus positus loco Albrede venit et petit visum terre. Habeat visum. Dies datus eis in adventu justiciarirum: et interim fiat visus.

To the best of my knowlege it's some guy named Charles petitioning a dude name Walter about cows, but I don't speak latin.

What I need to know I already know and am just looking for some more input.

Thanks so much and a happy thanksgiving/holiday/festivus/thursday to everyone.
KayVee is swish and that's the deal.

Random Biblical Query

Does anybody know if there's a term used in Christian or Gnostic sources (Hebrew, Latin, English or otherwise) used to describe both angels and demons (or archons, or whutever)?

I realise there's the idea of "fallen angels" inherent in Christian demonology, but I was wondering if there's some kind of overall term, a way of referring to them collectively (e.g. the greek "daimones" I believe used to refer to both good and bad spirits). Almost like a 'taxon' or something.

It's for a project I'm working on, and sci-fi-esque stuff like "entities" makes my skin crawl.

Thanks in advance!
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Urdu script?

So I already speak Hindi and I can read Devanagari, but I'd really like to learn how to read Urdu script because the two languages are so alike/the same and I just want to know how to read it. My problem: I'm having a lot of trouble staying interested through most of the lessons I can find because they all try to teach grammar and vocab, which at this point I don't really need. Does anyone have any recommendations for good books or websites that just focus on learning the script? Preferably ones that have good, easy explanations because the reason I've been needing to go through the lessons in the sites I've been finding is because the basic explanations for how the alphabet works just don't seem to "click" in my brain. I'm really hoping to avoid spending a lot of time studying Arabic for this (while it's on my list, it's lower priority than several other languages, and I really want to get more of those out of the way first). Thanks for any help!
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