October 14th, 2008


Language and brainwashing


I'm looking for books on the role of language in brainwashing. Specifically, (recent) German/English studies on the use of language in cults, and very specifically, in Scientology. But any book vaguely related to the topic might turn out useful, so I'm not too picky at this stage. I can already speak the Scientology language pretty well, so I'm not looking for a general introduction, more a psychological or purely linguistic view.

Thanks in advance!
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Quick question

Are there any Marathi speakers here?

If so, would said Marathi speaker(s) be so kind as to translate "Happy Diwali from the Spokane office" for me? Yes, this is work-related, the company I work for has an office in Pune. I realise that the Pune workers would logically speak Hindi (they speak English as well), but given that Marathi is more predominant in that region, I thought it would be nice to have the phrase in that rather than Hindi.

Any help is appreciated.

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I went by work the other day to pick up something, and a co-worker made me a double short soy cappuccino, and the foam he steamed was ~AMAZING~ which really doesn't describe it. I ended up txting said co-worker and telling him the foam gave me a "mouthgasm." He claims it has a sexual meaning to it, as it has "gasm" in it. I told him that wasn't the case, and highly doubt other words ending in "gasm" would be sexually connotative, unless it was placed in that context. It's RELATED, but I didn't cream myself whilst drinking it, which I feel proves my point.

What do you think?