October 2nd, 2008


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Hello! Could you tell me about language of this song (and possibly where can i find translation)?

Enigma Between Generations Lyrics
Si penses que ma mare
Així dispara amb so canó gros
I tens raó
No t'hi pensis i aixi en tindrem es dos. Collapse )
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Favorite Subtitled Translation

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone else has a favorite line from a movie that they think the translators didn't get just right in the subtitles.  My favorite is in the Hebrew translation of Billy Elliot, one of the charachters yells out "F-ing Hell!!".  The translation is "לא נכון." literally meaning "incorrect" and also used to mean "nuh uh".

Another one I like is in Shrek 2, when good-looking human Fiona asks good-looking human Shrek if he wants to stay that way forever, the Hebrew translation is "אתה רוצה להישאר ככה באופן קבוע?" - "Do you want to stay this way on a permanent basis?".  And it's not like Hebrew's lacking words that mean "forever".  There are tons of them (לנצח, לתמיד, לעולם, לעד...).


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Some questions

Can anyone tell me where the word 'togs' comes from? I've heard it used a lot in referring to swimming outfits, although I call them swimmers.

I used to live in New Zealand and now live in Australia, and there's a habit of making fun of each other's country and sometimes about our respective accents (Kiwis saying 'fosh and chops' etc). We can tell the difference of course, but I'm interested to know whether foreigners can tell the difference as well, because I've heard that people mistake our accents as being one and the same. A grave sin, graaave :)


Southern Comfort

Dear Linguaphiles

Is "southern comfort", besides being a liquor name, an idiom in English?

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE. Thanks a lot everybody! I needed this for a book I translate, where "Southern comfort" is a chapter name but the characters do not actually drink anything alcoholic, so I thought it might have a different meaning.

Yiddish song lyrics

I hope this isn't too bothersome a post -I tried looking for more appropriate communities to post it in, but they're all pretty much inactive, and I didn't find anything helpful on the rest of the Internet either.

I have a song by The Klezmatics whose lyrics I would really like to have transcribed ; unfortunately, my understanding of Yiddish is extremely limited, and I can only get a few words here and there. So I was wondering whether any of you would be so kind as to listening to the song and write down the lyrics for me -and I realise asking for a translation would be too much, but giving me a general idea of what the song is about would help a lot.
(Edited to add : If you actually feel like translating the lyrics, it would be greatly appreciated, of course -I just don't want to seem to be asking too much :).)

I'm asking because it seems to be a Yiddish version of a children's song my sister sings to my nephew, and I would like to sing it to him in another language. I think it might be on the same theme too, since the French version starts with a deer looking out from his little house in the woods, and the Yiddish title is 'Fun a Kleynem Girnem Hoyz'.

I have uploaded the song on Megaupload, so if you want to give it a try, here is the link.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help !