September 19th, 2008

"ignolage"? is this even a word?

Several times I've heard this word on the NPR radio, and it's confusing me. I google it and found this page where people said it "misspelling, or rather phonetic spelling, of "acknowledge"

Does anybody have any other information about this word? Have you met it before?

UPD Ok, thanks to all. It's an "alternative" mispronunciation, not a new word :)


I have been directed to this community, hopefully to find someone who can help! I'm after the phrase "thou shalt not stand idly by" (lo taamod al dam reakha), but in Hebrew, rather than latin characters... Help? :)
utena hair


Hello linguaphiles,

I'm trying to learn Chinese and still in the very basics of the language. I was hoping you all could help me.

In the sentence "他来了." there is both a verb and a particle.

In this sentence "菜单在这里." there is neither.

(In case all you can only see boxes the first sentence is "He is here" and the second is "The menu is here."

What's the difference?