September 16th, 2008


dentists and other health situations

First of all, I apologize big time for a "how do you say" plea.

I'm abroad in Berlin and am proficient but not fluent in German.  I somehow managed to crack/chip/break one of my front teeth, presumably on a wheat beer glass.

Anyway, I probably ought to get it filled.  How would you say "do I need to get this filled?" or "can I get this done/filled here?"
Soll ich es ausgefüllt lassen?  Kann ich das hier tun?

Vielen Dank im Voraus!

I'm hoping this makes my request a little better: include phrases you feel are important or helpful for a doctor/dentist/health visit in any language.

Danish word meaning greedy or hungry or...

I was at a restaurant in Jutland and decided to indulge in a big dessert because the tab was on my job. The waitress remarked to my co-workers something like "Hun er lille og dovn", but I know she didn't say "dovn", it was just a word that sounded like that. My co-workers responded to her something about me wanting a big dessert after my vegetarian meal. And when she left my co-workers said to me "Oh, don't take it personally." So now I'm curious about what she actually said. Is there a word that is one syllable and begins with D that is slightly derogatory and means greedy or hungry or something along those lines?
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Is this what would be Spanish?

I bought this map at the flea market for like 3 dollars. It's a replica of a larger map created by Janszon Blaeu. Two paragraphs at the bottom of the map say the map was created somewhere around 1650 AD.

It immediately caught my attention for two things: the Latin title and what appears to be what would become Spanish. But am not sure, that's why I'm hoping any of you who have studied the Romance languages in-depth can tell me.

First, for all you Latin buffs:


-The little "r" in the actual title is a "R" but smaller and is actually elevated, in between R and A.
-The "O" in TERrAROM looks like it has horns. Is this an actual "O" or something else?
-"ß" is spelled backwards. The closest I could find was "ß" to represent it.

I want to translate it as: "Table of the 7 continents of the new world." But I doubt it means that. Any ideas?

Now, onto what I think is Spanish to be. These are some of the words that lie through out the map:

Mar Del Nort
Mar Del ZVR
Mare Pacificvm
America Medio
Oceanus Æthiope
Mari Di India
Carlo II Re Di Spagna
Le Roy De Svede

What do you think? I'm basing my Spanish theory on "Del," "Nort," "America Medio," etc... Or is it just Latin? Maybe even Catalan. Then again, I'm also thinking it's a mix of Italian given "Di" and French given "Le Roy De...."

Sino-Vietnamese vocabulary?

Doing some researching on JKV vocabulary derived from Chinese, but while Japanese is pretty easy and I've found a decent source for Korean (link for those who might be interested), I've yet to find a really good source on Vietnamese. I've found two online Nom dictionaries, however the more comprehensive is completely in Vietnamese and I'm not good enough yet to really make heads or tails of the explanations of the context for each pronunciation of a given character. Thus I'm really doing a lot of hit and miss poking around the dictionary based on the readings for the characters in assorted Chinese words and hoping for a match. Does anyone happen to have any good resources on or lists of Sino-Chinese vocabulary?