September 13th, 2008

redhead hope

Dia daoibh!

After looking at the responses from shechoselove's entry, I was sad to see no one posted that they spoke Gaeilge (Irish Gaelic); only that they were interested in learning. Does anybody on here speak it? I'm in the process of learning it right now.
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Words for weed

So hey guys, what do you call marijuana where you live? I ask because half the "slang" words I've seen (like ganja) I've never ever ever ever heard anyone say in real life and I was wondering if anyone out there actually uses them.

Here it's either pot or weed. Or marijuana. That's about it.

Oh, and post your age and location. 19, Western Australia.

Edit: If you want to post foreign words, that's fine too. One can never know too many words for illegal substances.