September 10th, 2008

  • lelapin

how-do-you-say query

hi! i'm doing a project for my french class and i have question relating more to the feel of words rather than the meaning. specifically, i would like to translate this phrase: frightful, and painfully and disagreeably human, which was uttered by queen victoria in 1835.

in english, it sounds pretty outdated. i don't think anyone would phrase it that way unless they were using an affectation. right? right. so... how do i say it in french? i would directly translate it as épouvantable, pénible, and désagréable, but i don't know if those have the same kind of antique ring to them.

yay! thanks.
  • oh_meow

Knitting vocab

A finnish friend of mine was complaining how hard knitting patterns are to follow in English, they use loads of special knitting only words, abbreviated as much as possible, like some kind of code. Knitting patterns I have seen in French and Hungarian were much more logical, more like normal instructions than a secret code, and with less jargon.

What are the words in different languages for:

Knit (stitch) - standard stitch where the wool comes from the back of the knitting?
Purl (stitch) - when you turn the knitting over and the wool hangs at the front ?
Ribbing- where you alternate knitting and purling to create ridges, like on the cuff of a jumper?


While having a discussion with some friends about a Mandarin class we were taking, the topic of Asian languages came up and we were wondering... is Japanese tonal?
I was under the impression that it wasn't, but I've heard a few things here and there that suggests a small hint of it?
could someone please clear this up for me?
(also what are other tonal languages?)

thank you ^^;

Linguistics Programs in Chicago?

I am thinking of maybe transferring to IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) in Chicago in a year or so so that I can maybe have a half-decent chance of getting a job after I get my CS degree. However, my first love was Linguistics and I want to get that degree eventually too - so does anyone know if there are any pretty good Linguistics programs in Chicago? Preferably not at U of C or Northwestern, since I am really over my attending-stressful-universities-just-because-I-can stage. Cursory googling does not give me a lot of hope.