August 31st, 2008

New member with a question

First of all, it says intro posts are cool, so here's mine! I'm a philosophy major in name but a linguistics major in practice, and like many of you (I'm sure) I've been studying some language or another for most of my life.

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I leave that for your perusal just as a record of why for example you should not ask me about Mongolian, as that is something I do not list as knowing. Anyway, given my major, my undergraduate thesis has a lot to do with linguistics, philosophy of language, cognitive science, psycholinguistics, all those fancy dandy terms. I'm about to start writing it very soon and it's going to very heavily concern Finnish, Swedish, German, and Russian, as well as touch upon some Balto-Finnic relatives like Saami, Karelian, and Estonian. If anyone could provide me with some ideas about good language-learning sources for the first four (or for the latter three, but it's not as important), that would be great. I'd prefer sources that address things from a linguist's perspective, not necessarily a conversational learning guide, though for just the Finnish that would be good too. The linguist's perspective is especially important for Russian because I'm already acquainted with it.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide! And I look forward to helping other people out if they need it. I love teaching.
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LJ Name: foghlaimara
Real Name: Chella
Interests: Philology, webcomics, composing music
Anything else? I am currently looking for help translating my graphic novel for my non-English viewers. This is an on-going series, and those that enjoy comics are encouraged to apply. The most demanded languages are Italian and Spanish (Spain). For those participating, I offer a permanent link to the translators website (if available.) The site is partially down due to renovation, but if you'd like to view, it is available at , and my studio website is available at

If anyone is interested, I can be reached via the Contact Form at or on AIM at Ealaionta Studio. You can try contacting me through LJ, but I'm not too familiar with the system. The former two are better. Thank you for reading. Cheers!

German -> English

"Indem Debray die französische Schule der Mediologie ins Leben rief—die sich von der etwas älteren kanadischen durch ihre tiefer ansetzende politische Orientirung unterschedeit, mit dieser jedoch den Sinn für den Ernst der Religion als historisches Medium der sozialen Synthese teilt—erschloß er dem post-philosophischen Denken einen neuen Horizont."

I don't get the part in bold point. I keep rereading it, but no luck so far. Any suggestions?