August 17th, 2008


Machine Translation and the future?

Hey everyone!

Just to open a different but related topic, where do you think Machine Translation systems will be most useful in the future?

I'm working on making these systems work better and actually there are some applications like this one on Facebook (that I have written :P), that are trying to make these system work for more and more languages. I was wondering if you could know where MT systems could be most useful and what domains should I concentrate on, or what to do to make these activities work?

I think it IS possible to create a universal translation system someday. So what is your opinion?

Icelandic pronunciation help please

I teach 6th grade, and we have a new student from Iceland. He is not happy to be here and no one can say his name correctly, though I did get a smile when I told him I looked it up and it means glacier...

The name is Jokull with an umlaut over the o. When he says it, it sounds like "you click" to me, but when I say it back he invariably shakes his head. Any help? I can't find an IPA version anywhere.

Learning Czech


Could anyone recommend me a good textbook for studying Czech?
I am Polish and I have some textbook originally designed for Poles studying Czech but I find it a bit out-of-date... I would prefer something more modern, visual and diverse - has anyone heard of English language books I could possibly use? I'd rather have a regular textbook with CD to use at home but if you know some good online resources (that offer something more than just basic phrases - these I already know!), I would also appreciate the links :)