August 8th, 2008

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Hello all! I am planning on going to the Netherlands, more specifically, Amsterdam and I have two questions:

1) For those of you who have already been there, does not knowing much Dutch make it difficult to get around the city and interact with people?

2) What would be the best way to learn Dutch? Has anyone ever learned Dutch through Rosetta Stone or another computer based language program?

I'm going there in June of next year, so I'm not in any rush. I would just like to start now or as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Example needed

Hi, this time it's about English. That's a use of Future Continuous I've found: 
"It can describe events which are going to happen anyway rather than events that we choose to make happen"
I need a short, simple example sentence to illustrate it in my notebook and I've got no idea what can it be. Could someone help?
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Are these sentences correct? I was asked to put them into the K2 mood (you know, subjunktiv 2..conditional)

Do they make sense and mean what I think they mean? (there could be a big difference between what I think they mean and what they actually mean, lol! I put what I think they mean in brackets)

Wenn du ein Millionär wäre, dann du nicht mehr müsstest arbeiten.
(If you were a millionaire, then you wouldn't have to work anymore.)

Wenn wir eine Möglichkeit hätten, dann wir dir eine Feile in deine Gefängniszelle brachten.
If we had the possibility, the we would bring a file into your jail cell.)

Wenn du nicht könntest schreiben, dann du niemals einen tollen Beruf bekämest.
If you could not write, then you will never get a good job.)

Wenn ich ein Vögel wäre, dann ich bis zum Himmel flöge.
(If I were a bird, then I would fly to the sky.)

Wenn mein Freund es mir gesagt hätte, dann wir darüber sprechen könnten.
(If my friend had told me, then we could talk about it.)

Wenn du nicht so fleißig wärest, dann du jetzt noch nicht fertig könnten sein.
(If you weren't so diligent, then you wouldn't be finished yet.)

Wenn ich nicht so gerne einkaufen ginge, dann ich nicht soviel Geld müsste verdienen.
(If I didn't like going shopping, then I wouldn't have to save so much money.)

I just need to know if they are grammatically ok..or if they're totally wrong! I don't really need to know if there's a better way to say these things, it's just an exercise for the grammar!

Thank you :)