August 7th, 2008

question about photo

Hello everyone!
I was wondering what would be the best words for a process (as a noun) of taking as a series of images (photos) of some event/object/ person/ etc?
For instance, we got an assignment from some advertising company to cover some Olympic event(game).
Thank you.
delicious, ahm
  • azazel

I'm going to ask a small favour here.

What the subject says.

I play mahjong online. There's a ranking system in place, of course, and while I generally don't care much for the notices when you gain a rank, this time it's special. Because I went from 1級 to 初段 - a pretty big step. So, naturally, I'm curious as to what they're saying.

Anyway, I'm slowly learning japanese myself, so this is, hopefully, the last time I do this.
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