July 27th, 2008

languages and psychology

if one were going into the field of psychology and aspiring to be a therapist, what languages do you think would be best to learn, in order to most effectively help people? i anticipate spanish would be much in need, and i've been hearing more and more about many therapist positions requiring 'bilingual' - usually spanish is the language of preference.

also, if i wanted to do research in the future with cross-cultural psychology and east asia, which language do you think would be best to study: chinese, japanese, korean, or vietnamese? (or perhaps some other language entirely :) i want to focus on domestic violence and anti-trafficking activism and as this is still so pervasive in east asia, i thought an asian language would be especially good to study - i just can't decide which one!
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Albanian translation/composition

Does anyone here know Albanian?

I'm learning Albanian, and today I wandered around the Albanian Wikipedia site and realized that although my language skills aren't up to writing anything for Wikipedia, there are a lot of places where bad wikilinks need to be fixed, and that I can do. So I decided to make an account. I wanted to put a note on my user page to explain this. Does anyone know enough Albanian to check what I wrote?

Jam kanadeze. Mësoj gjuhën shqipe. Flas vetëm pak Shqip, prandaj nuk shkruaj në enciklopedin, vetëm bëj lidhjet.

EDIT: I think the last word should be lidhja, since it's indefinite.

What it's supposed to say:
I'm Canadian. I'm learning the Albanian language. I only speak a little Albanian, therefore I don't write in the encyclopedia, I only make links.
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Teach Yourself Language-Books

Has anybode made any experiences with the Teach Yourself-Books? Recently I saw them in a bookstore and at least they aren't as expansive as many other language-books and you also get a lot of 'exotic' languages but are they recommendable?

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Just a thought...

I've been seeing those Rosetta Stone and Inglés sin barreras commercials on TV, and I've been thinking... Wouldn't it make sense to show customers who have benefitted from these language-learning products by demonstrating they speak the language? I mean, even if it's just actors, I think it's something that language learning companies should definitely consider. (In fact, I think Muzzy did..)

The commercial I saw today, for example, featured a young guy who had to learn some Chinese. He should have at least spoken a few phrases of Mandarin to prove that Rosetta Stone works.

It's like having diet commercials without the before and after pics (as fake as they seem) of people who lost weight.

Just thinking aloud...


When the Rosetta Stone commercial first appeared, I wasn't watching it but listening to it. The commercial came on again and it was Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and he was learning Chinese in preparation for the Olympics (side note, he stripped to speedoes in the commercial. lol). Anyway, I searched for YouTube for the commercial. But instead found a clip of him trying to use the software.


Internet Grammar?

Has anyone noticed that in informal conversations online that there seems to be oddities with grammar? Has any sites done a good write up on what must be a quickly evolving area of writing? I find myself very curious on this subject.