July 20th, 2008


Collab of the Week: Shapes!

Welcome to this week's collaboration project on LingWiki! This week's theme is shapes!

Looking primarily for the basic two-dimensional shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, etc.). Any other two- or three-dimensional shapes are welcome, so feel free to add in some of your favorites.

If you're feeling ambitious and don't mind letting your work be used on the site, recordings of pronunciations would be great as well! A great way to do that and help many other people as well is to register at Forvo and record the word there.

Thanks to all who contribute! The assembled collection of the contributions will be viewable at shapes.

Ico/Shadow of the Colossus conlang?

I've recently gotten back into Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, both brilliant games which utilize a conlang. Wiki says the games use a combination of Japanese and Latin backwards, but there's no citation of it, so I'm honestly kind of skeptical.

Now, I can pick out the odd morpheme in common with Japanese (shi for 'death' and ken for 'sword' and so on) but I can't pick out any backwards Latin at all. It could be possible that I can't pick it out among all the Japanese phonological stuff going on, though. It also kind of sounds like in the direction they gave the voice actors a tonal quality like they were emulating Chinese somewhat. I even heard a line like "wo mei" translated in the English subtitles as 'my life'. Wo3 being Chinese for "I" and mei from the Japanese morpheme for "life" (inochi).

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I don't know how many conlang people are on this community, but I was just wondering if anybody else had looked into this.
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Subtitling at home?

Hi there, I'm a Mac OS X user and I was wondering: what would you recommend for adding subtitles* to the videos? I find iMovie doesn't do the trick, since it changes the font size based on the amount of text on screen, which I find is very yucky.

*: Mosly English.
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