June 30th, 2008


Hello everyone!

I am wondering if anyone can help me find any useful (preferably free and reliable) websites where I can start to learn Latin.

I wanted to take it at school, but our Classics department is well on the other side of campus, which would make it impossible for me to get to class on time. I am incredibly interested in language and am dual majoring in English and Spanish, so it seems like it would be very beneficial to study the mother of those languages. :)

Any help anyone can offer would be very much appreciated!

Mari Boine

Haha, 'nother question. There's a musician from (I'm assuming) northern Norway or Sweden named Mari Boine. If you go to her website, it's got an interview there that you can watch, in which she states numerous times that the Sami language was supposed to be evil and that those who knew it were discouraged from using it. She happens to sing in Sami and she says she's trying to tell people it's OK to use the language again.
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything about this and would know why this particular language would be looked down upon like she describes...........?

English Grammar Question

I explained to my ESL class on Friday that the sentence "She is on a building´s top," while grammatically correct, is awkward and would not be written/said; "She is on the top of a building" would be better, and really, what should be said is "She is on top of a building."

I wasn´t able to explain why the last sentence was so much better, and one student was very frustrated, especially by the idea that the second sentence was better than the first, since it was basically just the first without the apostrophe, reworded.

How can I explain this? What is the grammar rule at work here? I told my student that whenever a phrase like "on top of" could be used, it should be, but that didn´t seem like enough.

Thanks for any help! :)
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(no subject)

Hey all. My wife is working in a restaurant that gets a lot of international guests. She asked me to look for a translation of the following in German and French, but since neither are languages that I have any confidence with, I thought I would turn to the pros. If possible, the diction should be of a professionally courteous flavor.

'Quality service is acknowledged by a gratuity of 15 to 20 % that it is not included in your bill. Thank you for your visit'

Trying to learn a language on your own?

Hi, guys. I've been trying to teach myself a language on my own, just using books and audio, but I keep running up against a question/doubt I haven't been able to answer, and now I'm wondering. If you're using a book like one of the Teach Yourself books or another one, then how much time would you recommend spending on each section? I have this tendency to try to rush right through it, but now I'm trying to pace myself. I get that the pace would probably vary from person to person, but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on this. Thanks!
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Hey everyone!

I'm here seeking for a little help: can anybody direct me to videos or audio files of Belgian people speaking French?
I'm probably going to Bruxelles in a couple of months and since it's a supposedly bilingual city and I don't know a single word of Dutch, I'm probably going to speak French, but I'd like to study a bit the kind of accent they have in Bruxelles.

Please, help, it's very important! Thanks in advance!!! :)

contemporary spanish lit

So, maybe some of you guys can help me out. I have just returned from a few months in Spain, and would like to continue reading books in Spanish to keep up my language skills. While I am familiar with much of the classic works, I'm interested in discovering some post-Franco contemporary literature. We read Obabakoak by Bernardo Atxaga and Soldados de Salamina by Cercas, and I enjoyed those a lot.

Some of my favorite contemporary authors right now are David Sedaris, Dave Eggers, Jonathan Safran Foer, etc. I also like beat lit and poetry, too. I'm looking mainly for Spanish authors, but really anything written in Spanish will do. I'm pretty open-minded, so feel free to suggest anything you like to read.

Thanks a lot!