June 22nd, 2008


Collab of the Week: Numbers!

Time for this week's collaboration project on LingWiki! This week's theme is numbers!

Just the numbers 1 through 10 is fine, though if you can provide higher numbers as well it would be great! For example:

1 - một
2 - hai
3 - ba
4 - bốn
5 - năm
6 - sáu
7 - bảy
8 - tám
9 - chín
10 - mười

Multiples and powers of 10 are useful as well, so feel free to add in any other numbers as you see fit.

If you're feeling ambitious and don't mind letting your work be used on the site, recordings of how to pronounce the numbers properly would be great as well! In the interest of convenience for all involved, recording them as one file is fine; I have the software to break it into separate files for use on the site. Please indicate what you would like to be credited as in your post if you post any audio files.

Thanks to all who contribute!

/s/ sometimes turns to ʃ~ɕ before /i/ in tagalog

i know that terms like Tagalog silya [ˈʃiljɐ] 'chair' is pronounced as ʃ but i heard an old speaker pronouncing /s/ like ʃ~ɕ before /i/ rather than an ordinary /s/ i know that terms like siyensiya are normally pronounced as ʃienʃja ~ɕenɕa or names like tricia/trisha are pronounced as triʃja~triɕa~ triʃa...

i heard wierder pronounciations even on tv like gardener is pronounced as garʤiner~garʥiner...
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Devenagari Script

Apologies in advance for what may prove to be a really stupid question here...

A friend of mine is starting to learn Hindi, and was waxing lyrical over the Devenagari script, which I know is also the same script used for Sanskrit, a language that I've always wanted to learn. I'm pretty good at European languages but tend to find learning other alphabets challenging (Hebrew and Arabic for example), so wanted to get a good grasp of the writing system first. I know there are teach yourself books out there for Hindi and for Sanskrit, but I found a Teach Yourself Beginner's Hindi Script book which seemed the ideal approach, if it were for Sanskrit.

Given that I want to start with just learning how to write and recognise Devenagari before going into the full language/grammar study of Sanskrit, could I use the Hindi script book to learn the letters or would that just confuse me?

Thanks all.
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Introduction - Looking for German/english eng/ger dictionary

Hi! I'm Mexican, um I was interested in learning german before but for some reason I thought french sounded cute and was studying it but dropped it because my sister got me interested in German again because of *ahem* Tokio Hotel haha it's fun to study watching cute guys anyway.
I was wondering if anyone knows of a good ger/eng eng/ger translating software preferably freeware but there's lots of shareware that still works after the trial period ends so that would be fine too.

Here's a list of some I've already tried but didn't work for me:

1.Cute Translator
2.Prolingo Dictionary
3.The New English-Deutsch dictionary

[why they didn't work? details below] in case anyone is interested XD
1. Installed it but some files were missing or something, I can't remember why I wasn't able to use it
2. I tried to download this one three times because the file got "corrupted" ¬¬ and when I finally got it right I
installed it but refused to open T.T (and here I started to think my computer was cursed)
3. I had to download it twice for the same reason as above but luckily it worked fine =D... For just a little over a month u_u and it kept working after the trial period but I don't know what happened that day when I was using it and left it open to go take a shower and while I wasn't there the "search" button got fucked up for some strange reason =S I typed a word but nothing happenned. I've tried everything and it still doesn't work T.T
4.My computer is crap and it said some file was missing from the system or whatever so I couldn't use it.

Yeah it's definitely cursed @_@. It must be on strike because my sister listens to too much Tokio Hotel XD!!

Btw I'm looking for an english/french dictionary too.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND --> WordWeb <-- (tadaaaah!) it's just an english dictionary but I've had it for years, it's freeware and it's awesome! I just love it XD am I a geek for loving dictionaries? @_@ I don't remember where I got it, I can upload it if anyone wants it.