May 30th, 2008

Hebrew/Talmud quote

This quote is supposed to be from the Talmud, but I can't find the original Hebrew translation anywhere. Can anyone provide it if he/she knows it? Thanks :-)

"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire."

(p.s. Can anyone guess what movie I was just watching?)

German for wannabe academics?

I recently graduated from college, and I'm going to be applying for graduate programs in musicology this winter (to start next fall). The programs I'm looking at have different language requirements, but the majority of them require you to take proficiency exams in German and one other language at some point. I know French already, so I just need to learn German, and I'd like to use my year off to get started with that. I've decided against taking a class because it would probably move too slowly, given the amount of time I have. It also wouldn't be geared toward the kinds of things I need to learn, since I need to focus on reading comprehension and translation above writing or speaking. Can anyone recommend a textbook or other method that I could do on my own?
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I'm in middle of The World in a City: Traveling the Globe Through the Neighborhoods of New York by Joseph Berger. It's a genial enough book, even if it's not as good as it could be. But, it seems to me that there are a lot of errors in it. Consider the following:

"A young New York Times reporter, Yilu Zhao, wrote movingly in an article in 2002 about how newcomers from Fujian are bewildered by a world set up for Cantonese and Mandarin speakers. (Fujianese is as different from those languages as Yiddish is from German.)"

Yiddish and German are not the same, but with effort they can be mututally understood. However, Cantonese and Mandarin are completely different and cannot be mutually understood. Therefore, Fujian is what?
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I was trying to describe a situation in German the other day, but the only word I could think of that fitted, was "awkward". So I've been pondering what a good translation of that would be into German, but words like "peinlich", "komisch" or "unangenehm" don't quite capture the same sentiments that "awkward" does. Any ideas?

Danke :))
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Language majour

Finally, after 10 billion years of studying all alone, I am going to school this fall for Japanese and German. I wanted to sign up for French, too, but the counselor I spoke with was strongly against it, as it's my first semester at a community college (trade school before this, which left very little room for actual brain function or even homework).

I think I can handle Japanese and German, and in the following semester, J2 and G2... they're far too different to be a confusing combination to learn at the same time, I think. But anyway, my question is how hard would it be to throw in French? Eventually, I want to transfer over to University of Rochester as a language majour, and I'll be tempted by many more languages all at once.

So, is it extraordinarily difficult to learn more than one language at a time? Wait, I know it's all a matter of one's own brain, but I mean in general... what are the most basic difficulties I'll face by cramming?

Seeking suggestion to help children with inability to recognize alphabets

I am currently giving my cousin guidance in recognizing alphabets. She's six years old this year but has some difficulties in recognizing the alphabets. I would not say that it's dyslexia but short-term memory in recognizing the alphabets. I had used flash card to help her recognizing it but it doesn't help. The minute she answered my question correctly, the next  minute she forgot already. So I would say it's some sort of short-term memory. Can anyone give some advice on how to deal with children like my cousin? Thanks.