May 28th, 2008


Is it grammatically correct to use "thereof" in the following phrase: "the request for state registration of a non-profit organization filed in the course of creation thereof must contain..." Is it clear that "thereof" refers to "non-profit organization," not to "request" or "state registration"? Many thanks!

Framing mounts?

What are the french and german words for a framing mount? A mount is the square of white cardboard you place on top of a print before you frame it. It's a hard thing to look up in a dictionary! I'm going with Fassung for German, and monture for French at the moment. Are these correct?

(If you're wondering why I need it- I'm listing some of my photographic prints on a europe-wide art site, which operates trilingually, and as I speak both languages decently, I might as well address all my potential market!)