May 22nd, 2008


It's a game! Guess where I am from?

I just wanted to know how the accents stack up, where I have one, and how bad they are.
Can you tell, or rather hear, where I am really from?


Edit! I've recorded a single sentence in french, spanish, german, english, japanese, and croatian.

I am most interested in the Spanish response: what the accent sounds like, because I don't actually speak Spanish, and I know I have one. I wouldn't be surprised if I even have weird grammar or something. I just wonder if it's a really placable accent, the kind where you say, oh she is definately italian, no doubt about it, or the kind you can't recognize; it's just weird. Are busco and viven even correct? I don't know.

I wanted to do a Belrin and Bavarian accent too, but the tree sentence should be in real dialect like it was for Swabian, and I don't really speak any other dialect, I can only immitate the pronounciation of the words we have in common.

And I tried scottish and let me tell you, it was terrible. I love the scottish accent, and I would not have done it any jusitce.

So what about accents in general? If there are speech therapists for native speakers with impediments, couldn't a foreigner be trained to speak perfectly? I met a girl from Denmark who learned English in school and could speak with a perfect standard american accent. It was amazing.

I want to know if that is a taltent or something you can train like a sport.

Oh and because all of my languageness was so weird, here is the follow up for the german speakers: I called an Immobilienagentur (Real Estate Agency?) and asked for a tree...
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Online Resources: Children learning Danish

Hello. I have just received word of a possible tutoring opportunity - a six-year-old child, whose native language is English, needs to be taught a bit of Danish as he is moving to Denmark. Does anyone have any links to online resources I can use for one-on-one tuition? Does anyone have any ideas for how I, as a non-native Danish speaker, can best introduce a child to Danish? Any help much appreciated!

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medieval latin dictionaries

My Latin group and I have started working our way through Einhard's Life of Charlemagne (8th century), but we're running into some roadblocks with the vocabulary -- words have either changed meaning since classical times, or didn't even exist in the period that our dictionaries cover.  Is there a definitive medieval Latin dictionary we could be using?
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Hey guys!
My boyfriend needs help translating these phrases:

- was seit ä Porugeis zum ne Schwizer wenn är ä Russische fän mit er ä Italiennische Fahne gseht? (swiss)

- Co delaji portugalski a ceski chlapi dnu u siti na hristi nekde u Geneve? (czech)

- 7 Haziranda Cenova Stadyumunun dis duvarina tirmanan bir Turku goren Portekizli biri polise ne der (turkish)

I have no ideia what they mean or what he needs them for, I'm just being a nice girlfriend. :)