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I know this is really basic, but I have two questions.

Jeg ha en katt = I have one cat
Jeg ha fire katten = I have 4 the cat? 
Jeg ha fire kattens? 
How do I write nouns as plural in Norwegian?

Is twenty-one tjueen, tjuen, or something like French's vignt-et-un?
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I hope this is ok. I'm working on an assignment in Old Norse. One of the things I have to do is to find 2 examples of the nominative subject in sentences from chapter 44 and 45 of Gylvaginning, here. I sent in my draft and have been told that I'm very wrong in my examples... I'm not sure which is wrong, or if it's both.

Þórr dvaldisk þar of náttina

Sonr búa hét Þjalfi, en Roskva dóttir.

The words in italics are the nominative subjects, IMO.

Yes, this is basic, I know. I've been doing this assignment for too long and my head is woozy. Any help will be very appreciated. I've also never done anything that has to do with grammatical cases before (shock! horror!), which adds to the wooziness.

Recommendations for Amharic textbooks?

My mom and stepdad have adopted an Ethiopian baby (her name's Hayat and she's awesome) and are in the process of adopting an Ethiopian little sister for her. Since I'm the language nerd of the family and am already studying a Semitic language (Classical Arabic), I feel like I ought to learn some Amharic.

I've discovered the FSI Amharic page and I'm sure it'll prove useful, but I'd really prefer to learn the Ge'ez script.

Have any of you had any experiences with introductory-level Amharic textbooks (especially those that use the Ge'ez script and/or have good audio components)? Are there any particularly good options, or textbooks I should avoid?

Thanks in advance!
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mystery kanji in jewelry

I just realized I could ask you all about this.

Someone gave me a pendant, ages ago, that's a kanji character. She said the person who sold it to her said it meant happiness. It's definitely not the character usually used for 'happiness,' and I have a sneaking suspicion that sellers will tell customers that something means "luck" or "happiness" 90% of the time, rather than bothering to explain something more complicated. That could just be cynicism on my part, though.

Anyhow, the way that the character has to be slightly altered to make all the lines connect to make the pendant solid, combined with my lack of skill at reading/diagramming kanji means that this character has defeated every attempt I have made to look it up. I can't reliably guess how many strokes there are, let alone how many in the top half and how many in the bottom.

I'd be very grateful if someone could tell me what the actual character is. (Telling me what it means = nice bonus, but if I have the actual character, the way it appears in type, not the way it appears in jewelry, I can look up the rest myself. Which is not to say I wouldn't appreciate a translation, just that it's not necessary. I'll take Chinese or Japanese readings, with thanks.

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Looking for online monolingual Spanish thesaurus

Spanish-speakers and learners, could you point me towards an online monolingual Spanish thesaurus? I'm a native speaker and most of the ones I've found don't have the range of vocabulary that I'm looking for. The only good one I've found is at GringoSpanish.com.

I have also used monolingual dictionaries like RAE.es and Diccionarios.com, but something like the Spanish version of Thesaurus.com would be awesome.

I'm hoping that, if it exists, someone here will know.

Thank you in advance!
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Books for Sale!

I know these sort of posts have been flamed in the past, but where else am I going to reach out to so many Linguaphiles at once? 


Anyway. I've finished my Latin course at university, and want to get rid of some of the books. I'm going to see if there is any interest here before I put them on e-bay. They are all in excellent condition, except for the Turkish and Intensive Latin, there are no spine creases either.

I'm sorry all the pictures are the wrong orientation aswell. I changed them all, but they won't stay changed when I save.

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As you can see, my books are all in very good condition. Any information, just message me. :)

Thanks, :)

PS: There's also a Molecular Biology revision book if anybody wants that :) 

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I'm studying in Mallorca in a year, and I would like to teach myself some Catalan before I go. I've done some quick searches for books, but at least on Amazon, the pickings seem pretty slim, and the reviews are kind of lukewarm. Does anyone know of a good book for a Catalan beginner, with a CD? One geared towards English speakers would be good, but anything geared towards Spanish speakers would also be fine.

Anyone used Teach Yourself Catalan by Alan Yates and Anna Poch? Would you recommend it?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!
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I'm looking to self-tutor in several different languages. I've marked some textbooks on my amazon wishlist, but anyone here know good programs? I'm looking for stuff on the less expensive side of things. Thank you!

Languages Interested In:
Latin (some previous knowledge)
Hebrew (some previous knowledge)