April 21st, 2008

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I hate it when I can't get puns

Hi there :)

I have been recently re-reading a silly book called 'And God created the Au Pair'. It's just a bit of good and easy fun, even though, being it in e-mail format (plot is more or less as follows: two sisters live apart, one in Canada, the other in England, and they email each other on a mostly daily basis to tell whatever happened to themselves and their crazy offspring XD), sometimes the abbreviations and slang used kind of gave me a hard time, especially the first time I read it.

Now, I have had this book for more than two years and judging by the state of it I have read it a good number of times, but there's still something I can't quite grasp.

In this paragraph:

Collapse )

The bolded bit is what troubles me (I copied the rest too, to provide a bit of context and to show how the book is written). After reading this book again and again this is the only bit that STILL doesn't make sense to me. Am I being naive or missing some exceptionally rude pun? XD

Thank you, and sorry for rambling :)


A new linguistic website I found today - Forvo. Contains speech samples in many different languages. You may hear people speak, add your own samples, ask for specific words to be pronounced, etc. Sorry if this is a repeat post.

needed some help with (presumably) Hindi

There's this phrase, transcribed as zindagi mushkil hai. I presume it's Hindi and it means something like "There are problems in life", or to that general effect. Could someone please: 1) check if the language and the meaning is guessed correctly; 2) spell it in Devanagari; 3) and make up a phrase that would mean the opposite (zindagi mushkil nahi, or did I get it wrong?), and spell it out in Devanagari too. Many thanks in advance!
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Berlitz Schools.

Hallo leute!

Well, about Berlitz schools. Have any of you ever taken classes there? Do you know of anybody who has? If so, how was it for you/them?

I'm contemplating taking a Dutch (currently in the lead) or Portuguese class at Berlitz this fall.

Opinions? Comments? Concerns?