April 20th, 2008

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Chinese help?

Hey all, just a quick question: could someone tell me what this means, if anything? Collapse )There was no context, just that. It's supposed to say "hello" or something like that (maybe some slangy way of saying that?), but I looked up "hello" on a couple of English - Chinese sites and nothing showed this :X.

I wasn't really sure how to look it up either (apart from just trying to translate "hello"), so I'm sorry if this is a really obvious word or something ^^;;;
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What's this thing in your Spanish? Or English for that matter?

The Spanish spoken in Chile is peppered with Mapudungún (language spoken by the indigenous Mapuche people) words. Like for example, guachi, which according to the RAE comes from the "Mapuche" (should be Mapudungún, as the language is called) huachi.

It's a trap that you set for an animal in which a wire loop is attached to a stake in the ground. The idea is that a rabbit will catch its neck or its foot in it, and either die there, or be found alive by the "hunter."

Here's what the RAE says

(Del mapuche huachi).

1. m. Chile. Alambre en forma de lazo atado a una estaca enterrada en el suelo que sirve de trampa para cazar aves, conejos o liebres.

So, two questions: 1. What do you call it in the Spanish of your choice (and where is that from?)
                                  2. What do you call it in the English of your choice (and where is that from?)

Pronomi Indiretti

Hi there, I was wondering whether someone could help me with this? (Italian pronomi indiretti question) :/

I want to write "Gli chiese se potessi fargli un favore". Is this correct? Or is it "Gli chiese se gli potessi fare un favore"? Where do you put the pronoun?

Thanks in advance ^^

Willing to PAY.

Hi everyone, new community member here.

I'm looking for someone intimately familiar with the Auvergnat (both Haute and Basse) dialect who can be enticed with money or cookies to provide me with long distance diction coaching.

If you can help me or know someone who can.....*waves money about*.

Travel is also a possibility as I will be spending a fair amount of time in Paris this year.

Did I mention money?
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Are there any languages better suited to comedy?

I know that's a broad question, and I don't think there will be a clear answer, obviously, but let me clarify. I don't mean a language with more potential for comedy devices. I mean, some languages will obviously have more facility for wordplay, puns etc.

What I'm interested in is: are some language innately better at comic delivery? Not what people say, but how they say it. What got me thinking was that I have watched Friends and Scrubs in French (I'm English, but learning) and never thought it was at all funny. My old French teacher told us that French is a flat language and so it's harder to make the way words are said amusing. But then today, I was watching Monk in French and the way the dubbed Monk said 'La bombe, ca veut dire.... bien' made me laugh as much as in English. Thoughts?