April 19th, 2008

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Hey all. Is there anyone here that could translate the phrase "Korean Proverb" into Latin or Greek for me? I've got a series of paintings about linguistics in which the primary subject is the human mouth, and I prefer the titles to be in Latin or Greek.

Here's some of my work if you are interested: Phonic Images


Have some confusion on this -able thingy.I used to make this mistake frequently and yet am still confuse with it.In dictionary,able means having certain skills or knowledge.When we joint a verb with "able",it becomes the meaning of can do something.E.g.reach+able=reachable(can be reach),manage+able=manageable.However,trustable is not in the correct manner.Isn't trust+able=trustable means can be trust?It's a bit confusing.If trustable is incorrect,what word should we use to indicate that the person can be trust.Trustworthy?Trustful?
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I'm going to college next year to study business, and plan on minoring in Chinese and French. I know that China has a rapidly growing economy; how much farther ahead in the business world do you think I would I be if I could speak Chinese? I have an aptitude for languages so I'm not worried about that, just if the whole idea is practical or not. I want to be successful after college and I feel like being able to speak Chinese would be a great advantage. I would love to travel back and forth from China for work. What do you all think about this? How would speaking Chinese affect salary, desirability, etc.? Anybody who is doing or has done something like this too?

law school international internships and language proficiency

Hello everyone,
I'm hoping some of you might have some ideas.
I'm starting law school in the fall. I want to ready myself to be able to meet the language criteria for an international externship later in law school. Problem is most of the standards I'm seeing require fluency. Which isn't too bad because due to my background (italian spoken at home) and on and off lessons for the past 3 or 4 years I'm pretty conversational. Just not to the point where I have a great enough proficiency to pass any standardized exams or requirements for international internships. I was wondering if anyone could make recommendations for formalized language programs in Boston. I want something that will certify my fluency or proficiency.


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I have a letter here that I believe is supposed to either be an acceptance or rejection letter from a Swedish university. Could somebody tell me the gist of it? A Swedish-English dictionary and the online translating tool have both been useless. Thanks in advance!

Urvalsarbetet till Kandidatprogrammet i Textilkonst 180 högskolepoäng, är nu avslutat i sin första fas. Vi måste tyvärr meddela att du inte blivit antagen för studier på HDK läsåret 2008/2009.

Totalt har 105 ansökningar inkommit till Konsthantverksprogrammen. På grund av att det är så många sökande går det tyvärr inte att lämna ut några enskilda bedömningar.

De insända arbetsproven till varje program har granskats av en kommitté vid Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk.

Dina arbetsprover returneras i ditt bifogade frankerade returkuvert vecka 18-21. Alternativt kan du hämta arbetsproverna i HDK:s aula 28 april kl 14.00-19.00 eller 29 april 2008 kl 13.00-17.00. Hämtning av arbetsproverna sker mot uppvisande av legitimation, endast mot fullmakt om någon annan hämtar arbetsproverna.

Om inget returkuvert fanns med eller du inte har hämtat ut dina arbetsprover senast den 29 april 2008 makuleras de.

Har ni frågor om arbetsproverna vänlingen kontakta Soili.

Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk, 2008-04-15.

Beslut om urval går inte att överklaga.