April 7th, 2008

phone conversations

Do you change your voice slightly on the phone? I notice some people do it moreso than others. I wonder if this has an "official" name and if it is common across languages?

For example, my aunt has a very thick Appalachian accent and when she speaks on the phone, she tries to sound more "neutral" like CNN reporters.

quick French trans.

Real quick question... don't have time to grab a phrase book
French for "I am on vacation"...

J'ai des vacances
Je suis des vacances?

And "no autographs please"...

Pas d'autographes, s'il vous plait
Autographe ne satisfait pas?

Portuguese Lyrics

Hey lusophones :D

I'm listening to this song by Cristiana Branco called "Canto Ainda por Alguém" and there's a line that I just canNOT seem to understand:

Mas em mim nada mudou
de quem parte nada vem . . .

But in me, nothing has changed
from whose part nothing comes

I feel I got the first sentence right, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what she means by "de quem parte nada vem."

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


Getting Chinese characters to show on a computer screen

I have a series of CDs bought in China that are supposed to contain both mp3 recordings of short texts, and the short texts themselves. When I open the CDs, however, I am able to listen to the mp3s (and I can see their titles in Chinese characters) but when I open the files where the texts are supposed to be, I only see a series of interrogation marks on the screen. I have tried this both on a PC (Windows XP) and on a Mac (OSX).

It worked just fine on the bookshop's exhibition computer in China so I must be missing some kind of software. Would any of you know what it could be, and where I could find it?

The CDs are called "zhi hui gu shi da quan", published by www.tofo.net, if that's any help.

Thank you in advance!

ETA: problem solved, thanks to daemon_will. The solution was to save the unreadable files as .htm files, then open them with a web browser and fiddle with the encodings. Thank you!
SPN -- metallicar

Finnish translation ----- ETA: and Polish

(I hope I can ask this here, if not I am sorry and mods please delete!)
I really didn't think this would be my first post to this community as I'm an avid linguaphile myself, but oh well. I'm working on a project to a band with some other girls, and for this we had fans sending in pictures with messages on in their own language. A Finnish girl that sent in her picture forgot to send the translation along with it, and I was hoping someone here would be able to help me out?

I think it means "Get well soon" or something along those lines, but I want to make sure. Here's what it said: "Ollaan ihan hiljaa."

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Is there someone out there who could please translate this Polish piece for me as well? Here it is: "Jeste śmy z tobą"