April 1st, 2008

research help

I do my research work in linguistics and now I study stand-up comedians - the "linguistics" part of them, so to say.
If you are Native speakers of the American English, would you answer my questions please?

1. Your age.
2. Have you ever wanted to become a stand-up comedian?
3. Stand-up comics ---- (continue the sentence).

Thank you very much.

P.S. I'll have to screen the comments, but I'll unscreen them in a couple of days.

biscuit conditionals

So I'm doing my linguistics term paper on English connectives and their truth-functional relations (and lack thereof), and one of my main topics is the notion of biscuit conditionals: "There are some biscuits on the counter if you're hungry." (This begs the question "Well, what if I'm not hungry? Are they still there?") I'll generalize to the case of any conditional statement "If A, then B." under the case that A is a false statement, and see what this says about the entirety of the conditional statement.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any resources for this sort of topic. I have Austin's book where this idea originally appeared.
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Translation request

I crossposted this to a bunch of language communities. I hope this is ok with the linguaphiles moderators.

I recently signed up with an advertising firm specializing in mass direct e-mail marketing. I've been asked to translate into as many languages as possible, certain phrases that we could use when we send mail out.

I request that the polite forms (i.e., vous instead of tu) be used, except for German, Mexican Spanish, and Gheg Albanian where I would like the informal to be used.

1. Canadian pharmacy
2. To be removed from our mailing list, please send an e-mail to xxxxxx.
3. This is not spam.
4. Earn your Ph.D. in just 48 hours!
5. Find out how to be superextraordinary in bed!
6. Cheap rolexes now.
7. I am Nigerian vice-president Goodluck Jonathan and I need your help with an important matter.
8. \/ 1 A g r @
9. Add just 5 inches to your member!

Thank you, very much! Your help will be much appreciated.

Strange English Words

There are a couple words which can probably be classed either as kiddy words, or at least very informal/slang, which my parents used a lot when I was a little kid. It didn't seem to me like they were neologisms at the time, but I've used some of them around other people since, and they don't know what I'm talking about. So I'm curious - are these real words that people other than me and my parents use, or did my parents make them up to be cute? Has anyone else heard them? My father insists that they are real words.

brum-brum a kiddy word for bread with butter
cream rinse conditioner
threek a small fork with three tines, used for things like getting pickles out of very small jars
ossie a dust bunny

Edit: Apparently (pickle-)threek was something coined by one of my uncles, but I'm not surprised that other people have come up with it too.

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

Thanks to this entry, I've discovered Ligabue and fallen in love (/addiction) with his song "Le donne lo sanno." The translation of it is giving me some problems, though. Could someone cast an eye over what I have and let me know any better ways to translate the problem spots? Grazie a tutti!

Oh, and while I'm at it: lee-ga-BWEH or lee-ga-BOO-eh?

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A&E (medical)

A phrase from a medical questionnaire about the elderly:
"Number of times ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL with an overnight stay
Number of times VISITED A&E"

What does A&E mean here? Thanks!
P.S. Resolved. Thanks to everyone!

Currently studying _____.

I'm curious.  What is everyone currently studying?  Whether you're taking formal classes or teaching yourself using books/tutors/etc, as long as it's current, going on right now.

In school, I take Spanish and French classes.  I'm doing a program this summer where I'm going to study Chinese (Mandarin, I think, but I'm not completely sure) and I'm also picking up Japanese next school year (as well as the Spanish and French).

Anyone else?  I'm curious as to what other people study, how, etc.  Feel free to add any details, please!

PS: Are these type of posts common (or even allowed)?  I think I've seen a few 'what do you speak in general' type posts back in some of the older ones...
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help in french

I'm planning on leaving little notes written in french in my boyfriend's things.
my french is a little rusty and online translators are not our best friends, so i need your help, guys.

"each night, when i close my eyes, i think of you until i fall asleep"
"chaque nuit, quand je ferme mes yeux, je pense à toi jusqu'à ce que je tombe endormi." (i think babelfish tricked me in the last part)


"i miss you right now"
"tu me manques..."  maintenant? doesn't sound right, but i might be wrong.