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Hi there!

I have a question involving a short translation into Swedish and Norwegian. The passage is from a slash fanfiction (just some love talk) and it had the author and me talking about the language aspect. What I basically need now is a translation of this passage both into Norwegian and into Swedish. The spoken lines are enough, what they say is important. I'd be very glad if there'd be some swedish and norwegian people willing to do this.

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Thanks in advance.

mixed syntaxis

i am a native english speaker (u.s.) and my partner is from paraguay, and we're living in argentina. we speak a fairly even mix of spanish, english and spanglish at home.

so yesterday we're eating lunch, and at some point when i got up from the table, she put ice cubes in our glasses. when i came back and saw it, i said "did you put me one ice?" and i literally said it without noticing any problem.

then 12 seconds later i was like, 'what? why the heck did i just say that??' clearly i was translating literally from the spanish in my brain ('vos me pusiste un hielo?') and mixing up syntax in the process. i've seen other instances of that--another yankee at work who said, 'i'll be upstairs making some questions to the boss' and then laughed at herself, for example--but i think it's bizarre what our brain is doing in that moment. is it just forgetting, or is it trying to create a new language that is a mix of the two? or is that the same thing? :)

not a very serious question, but i amused myself by saying that yesterday and was sure there would be other entertaining examples in this community :) share if you like!
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"What's that word?"

What do you call that kind of pastey stuff you put your finger in to help you count money or turn book pages?

[EDIT: Thanks for the help - turns out it's called a "finger moistener" or "fingertip moistener".]
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a simple, silly, serious request

Forgive me for asking one of THOSE questions, but I want this to be excruciatingly correct.

I am making a sign for idiots in my building's laundry room who persist in piling wet laundry anywhere but the extremely obvious laundry basket on top of the machine. I want to do it with some humor. In movie-obsessed Seattle, everyone remembers the ad that would come before "indie" movies, with a bunch of people saying "The Language of Film is Universal" in a bunch of different languages. So edgy, so memorable.

I want to make a sign with a variety of fonts proclaiming "The language of laundry is universal" in a good variety of languages. French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and anything else I can find... the more, the better. I will follow this with a drawing indicating "THIS laundry goes in THIS basket!" and hope that the humor softens my message.

So, can you help me out with some just-right translations of "The language of laundry is universal?"

Thank you so much for your time and help.
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Arabic question - isfanğ

Hello,this is primarily for Arabic speakers. What can the word "isfanğ" mean and is it a common, everyday kind of word or is it obsolete? I don't have any Arabic at all so I just wondered whether this word (at least in this form) actually exists and in what countries it is used. If there are several meanings you are aware of could you please list them all? Many thanks for your help.

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Hey everyone!
I am new to this group and I have recently become obsessed with language, I wish I figured this out before I started college! Anyway, I am currently studying Dutch, I am attempting to teach myself, have any of you had expirence learning Dutch? I am studying in the Netherlands for 5 weeks soon and I am trying to gain a basic understanding. I am good at absorbing grammar but I was just wondering of anyone had helpful tips!
Thanks! :)
Doctor Who

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 Hello everyone! Crazed sci-fi fan here with a rather strange challenge for you: can anyone come up with a good translation into Spanish of the phrase "Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff"? I'm hoping for something that's as funny and endearing as the original and rolls off the tongue easily, and maintains the meaning. Here's the whole quote, in case context will help:
"People just assume that time follows a strict progression from cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more of a big ball of wibbly-wobbly... timey-wimey... stuff." (Doctor Who  episode 3x10 Blink)
Thanks in advance!


hey. is it possible to do some kind of a phonetics study on beatboxing? what are the implications of this? for those who don't know what beatboxing is, here are three decent examples (though i've heard better): - best example, beginning is in french

sorry for no-formatting, this is just a quick post of a thought i had.

i must remember that google is my friend. a quick search turned this up:

its a pretty interesting article. page 4 on part 1 answered my question adequately. i am still looking forward to reading your opinions on this, particularly opinions from those linguists with phonetic training and/or professional phoneticians in light of the fact that at my level of training, i can't gauge the extensiveness and validity of this paper.

thank you very much.

for those of you who are interested in one final video, this is the best example of phonetic complexity found in beatboxing:

it's boring until around 1 minute when everything prior to it is integrated simultaneously into one song. its RIDICULOUSLY amazing, i assure you all, you will be dumbfounded. if you skipped all the above videos due to lack of interest, at the very least, listen to this last one.
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