March 29th, 2008


Is this nonsense? Are they making it up?

To all readers of Chinese here...

This is in my Hollywood Gossip community today:
"...At least that's what approximately 1200 gossip bloggers were saying today when faced with photos of The Hills supporting ho Audrina Patridge getting some tasty new ink at a Hollywood tattoo parlor. According to OK! magazine, the mystic Chinese phraseology she had etched into her forearm and then paraded, still-oozing, around high-density local paparazzi zones, translates loosely as, "The rice is fried in pork fat." (We throw it open to our Chinese-tattoo-translating readership for a more accurate interpretation.)"
So... I'm curious. It's hard to read the fresh tat, and I'll image-cut - out of respect for any who find celebrity nonsense distasteful:
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Spanish tailor terms

Hi, so I have to wear a tuxedo for a wedding in California in May, but right now I'm in Costa Rica so I need to get my measurements in Spanish.  I printed out the measurement form from the formalwear people and have translated the majority of the measurements for whichever Costa Rican tailor I get measured by, but does anyone know what outseam and overarm are in castellano?  My dictionary provides no help and I'm having trouble looking online since the terms are fairly specialized.  Also, with coat measurements, I assume that S, R, L, X mean small, regular, large, and extra-large?

"mechanical diet"

I've come across this in a senior healthcare questionnaire: "REQUIRES DIET MODIFICATION TO SWALLOW SOLID FOODS (mechanical diet or able to ingest specific foods only)." So what does "mechanical diet" mean? Thanks!
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German translation help?

Can someone please help me understand the gist of the following paragraph? I promise it isn't for German class (I take Spanish) or anything. I'm doing a study on sexual inversion during the turn of the century, and this scholarly article just loves to juggle back and forth between English and German, without footnotes/translations. I don't even need an exact translation, if you don't feel like typing one out. I just need to know what is going on in the german text. Paraphrase as you see fit.

For basic understanding of the paragraph, Krafft-Ebing and Ulrich were Sexologists, and Kupffer was an essayist (I think) who wrote in Der Eigene, the first homosexual journal in the world.

Kupffer takes the scientific-humanitarian committee, Krafft-Ebing, and Ulrichs to task for promulgating the notion of a "'dritten' Geschlecht..., dessen seele und leib nicht zusammenstimmen sollen." Their "krankhafte theorien (vom urning und von der effemination) ... ver wirren und verzerren [alles]," he claims. instead, Kupffer wants to see an "Emanzipation des mannes zuer wiederbelebung einer männlichen Kultur," as "Mänlichkeit badeutet die wahrung, der salbstbestimmung, der persönlichen freiheit und des gemeinen wohls, und letzteres umfasst alle und alles.

Hopefully there aren't too many typos in there. I retyped it myself, and tried to proof read the best i could, but I'm half asleep!

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Quick translation question.

I haven't learned the imperative yet (although I get a lot of instructions in it). How would one say, "Don't forget us" in Spanish?

And, for contrast, would there be an idiomatic Spanish translation for, "Do not let (allow) us to be forgotten"?