March 14th, 2008

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My final project for my spanish class! I can hardly believe it. Thank you all for all your help throughout the term. I wish I could do more than just say thank you because you really have been so helpful and I'm sure my grade wouldn't be the same without your help editing.

If you could just help me out one last time, editing this paper.. I would be greatly appreciative.

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Pronunciation of Spanish "ll"

I'm of Filipino descent, and my last name is "Jaramillo". My parents always pronounced this as "har-uh-MEEL-yo" instead of "har-uh-MEE-yo". When I was younger I thought this might have been due to some dialectal variation in how "ll" is pronounced, but I don't actually know of any Spanish dialect where "ll" is "el-ye" instead of "eh-ye". Does anyone know of such a dialect or regional variation?