March 6th, 2008

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Hi! I was wondering if some people could help me out with this. I just started a job Times' Square promoting theatre and get a lot of foreign tourists interested in seeing shows. Could anyone help me out and translate the following words (or point me towards a site that already has them)? The languages I most need are Spanish, French, Urdu, Japanese, and Hebrew. But any languages work, really. Some of these I think I know but my language skills are so rusty and basic at this point, I'd like confirmation.

The ATM's on the corner
... about a musician
Romantic comedy
Mixture of music
Roller skates
____ blocks that way
Make a left/right
That's all I know (in terms of the language)
Two and a half hours long
8 o'clock at night
2 in the afternoon
Umm. Any other potentially useful words.
Japanese Foetus To The Rescue

is there a word

At my job, there are a pool of people who do basically the same thing. If I am sick one day, my coworkers cover my classes, or a temp is brought in.

At my best friend's job, she is the only person who does and can do her job. If she is sick, her entire schedule has to be postponed.

Is there a word, in English or otherwise, to describe the difference between the two jobs? I know words like 'replaceable' etc. but I wonder if there's a word that has no other connotation. Maybe a new, specifically career-oriented phrase?

Quick happy birthday clipart question: Gujarati

My Indian co-worker's from Gujarat, we talk about culture often.  My department's putting together an electronic birthday card for him this year which means I'm not limited to things I can actually write in my English alphabet.  I found the phrase "Janma Divas Mubarak!" online, and also gujarati fonts.  But I'm afraid I'll butcher it putting the phrase into the font.

Wikipedia's "common phrases" doesn't include Happy Birthday... could someone put it in Gujarati for me, or better yet point me to clipart that does the same prettily?

Many thanks!

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word for bouncy seat in portuguese?

I'm trying to buy one of these for a friend of mine in Brazil, and my search would be seriously facilitated if I knew what it was called in Portuguese. I'd buy it online and have it shipped to her house in Sao Paulo. And fwiw, if anyone knows of a dept. store in Brazil that they could share the name of, that would be great, too!