February 26th, 2008

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romanian / ţigan : etymology of mişto

I was on the phone with my mother a few days ago and I was telling her how great the film Across the Universe was and I described it as being "mişto" - a word I had heard used my whole life.

Suddenly my mom dropped this on me : "Asta este un cuvînt ţigan" or something to that effect. I was thrown off a bit but it made me wonder - what is the etymology of the word mişto?

Thanks for your help in advance!
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I want to take Spanish class which reviews materials from the first two quarters of a Spanish college class (equivalent to 2 years of high school Spanish), but I have to get a certain score on the placement test in order to take the test (minimum 10 points--1 point per question, I think)

Can someone suggest important things I should know? What are some basic sentence structures, words/verbs/conjugations, articles?

I'm currently in first year French. Will that be to my advantage?

Thanks in advance!

Undergrad Project: RESOURCE HELP.

I don't even know if this exists, but it would be the top if it did. Essentially, I'm looking for a dictionary of verbs and adjectives that lists their respective valency frames. I'm dealing specifically with French and Spanish and would prefer the language of the dictionary to be in English or French. Do feel free to recommend anything that's a hard copy, though if there's an on-line version that tends to be easier for me to work with and much cheaper. =)

I was looking at the Trésor de la langue française and the dictionary given by the Real Academia Española but obviously, I didn't find much.

German CV

So I haven't done German since doing my Abitur and now I'm struggling with writing my CV because I'm going to apply to every single Volkhochschule in the Bamberg/Frankfurt/Nurnberg region.

If anyone has any idea how to translate the following things into German I'd be more than grateful.

BA(Hons) Modern Languages
Care Assistant
People with Learning disabilities

Security Steward

Campsite Courier

Checkout operator (ok, this I could probably look up no problem)
Volunteer Classroom Support

Sales assistant in a Bakery.

I would be more than grateful if anyone knows any of these....

Once that's over and done with - just a Cover letter to magic up...'easy' *ahem*

Anime announcement.

Hmm. I am ashamed of myself, as someone who claims to read and understand Japanese. So...I'm sitting here, watching Bleach, and at the beginning of every episode there's a sort of announcement in Japanese across the top of the screen, and it says:


Annoyingly, I understand all the different parts of the sentence but I can't bring them together into a coherent English one. Can anyone help?

French nasal sounds and other stuff

I feel so inadequate, because I cannot tell the difference between on (allons), an (roman), en (inventer), and in (americain), in French.

To my American native English-speaking ears, they all sound very, very, similar. Do you have any advice for learning the differences in sounds?

Also, regarding the French in Action recordings, when Professor Capretz says "Nous allons inventer une histoire," why doesn't the "ns" in allons elide (is that the right word?) into the inventer?

And, lastly (I have a lot of questions today, sorry!), I really like the music of French-language singers and songwriters like Camille, Carla Bruni, Celine Dion, etc. In other words, poppy or pop-rockish kind of music. What are some similar bands or groups I should check out?

Grand merci!!
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French phrases

I feel like I should know these, considering I minored in French several years ago, but I'm so rusty. How would you say...

"How ______ is she/he/it?"
Example: "How happy is he?" "How hot is the coffee?"

Also, what would be the polite (but not overly stuffy) way of asking permission to a stranger, for example:
"Would you mind if I closed the door?"
"Is it okay if I take this chair?"
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bad translation

While searching for a term on a specific online resource that I have, until now,
largely trusted, I found the following, which really made me laugh.
(This was an EU govt sponsored resource, not something immediately
questionable like babelfish or some nonsense.
I would expect worse from babelfish).


réduction des effectifs de ... employés au moyen des départs naturels


annual loss of ... employees by natural wastage

Now, this is what I would normally call "reduction of staff through attrition".
But loss of employees by natural wastage sure sounds nicer, doesn't it?
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Stupid unicode tricks

Is it possible to type the combining Japanese dakuten and handakuten characters (U+3099 and U+309A) with the Windows Japanese IME? Is there any way I could add some kind of user dictionary thing to do it? These are the characters which allow one to add handakuten or dakuten to arbitrary kana, necessary for the standard Ainu-to-kana transliteration system among others.

I already know how to type a plain standalone handakuten or dakuten. I am not interested in those. I want to know how to type the combining characters.


the seven-year itch

Next month my husband I start our seventh year of marriage, which got me thinking about the phrase 'das verflixte siebte jahr,' and the best corresponding term I could think of in English, 'the seven-year itch.'

Is there a phrase like this in other languages? How does it translate literally into English?

During my research I found the sentence, 'The seventh year anniversary is considered a curse on many marriages.' 'Seventh year anniversary?' Why is the word 'year' thrown in there? Is it redundant? Or is it intended to change the meaning to something else, like, perhaps, 'the anniversary that begins the seventh year of marriage?'

Which year is meant in the phrase, the seventh year or the year starting with the seventh anniversary?

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